Doc Recommends C Section

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Vada - October 9

My doctor recommends a c-section since I have had 2 previous c-sections. My mother-in-law told me that more than 3 c-sections is a risk to my body, but I want more than 4 kids. Have any of you had this discussion with a dr? And what did he/she say? I plan on asking my dr on my next visit, but that isn't for a few more weeks...


Helping - October 9

Hi, I don't have the answer to your question from experience, but I do have a link that may help you get better insight into this situation: I have, however, heard of women having v____al births after a c-section, although they really had to fight for their right. Hope this helps!!


Vada - October 9

Thanks for the link...but it isn't working...if you could email it to me it might be better...please send it to :o)


jill - October 10

Well...if your American you can tell you mother-in-law that JFK's mother had all her children by C-section and I think she had like 10 kids...I have had 2 c-sections and know if a woman who has had 4 without problems. This time around I am again trying to have a v____al birth. It depends on the type of incision you have on your uterus and what you doctor is like.


Ashley - October 10

Vada, I just wanted to share (I belong on the 2nd trimester board, I'm 20 weeks) my mom's story. She had me, a miscarrige, and another brother all with c-sections. So that makes three. After that, my parents decided they wanted to try again, and go natural.The doc was really sceptical but willing to let my mom try. She didn't "progress fast enough" so he gave her an epidural and she dialated in the next few moments and with my dad telling her when to push, she had my brother Aaron. Two years later, she had Adrian without anything. I think it took her a little longer to progress with Aaron b/c it was basically the first time her body had ever progressed past a certain stage of labor - with me she labored for a while but I was breech. The important thing is finding a doctor who thinks you can do it . . . Most of the docs in my area have a 33% C-section rate, but there is a birthing center literally across the street from a major hospital (they have a walkway above the street connecting birthcenter and hospital) with several doctors that are alot easier to work with and more friendly to natural methods. (They work with my midwife on backup!) Good luck and me and dh want more than 4 kids, too! :)


Vada - October 10

Hm...never thought of it like that, Jill...thanks for the info...And as for your mother, Ashley, I applaud her courage to continue after a miscarriage...I too am continuing after 2 miscarriages a month apart. Thanks for the advice, I will let you know what my doc says when I see her. :o)



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