Doctor Gave Me A BFP

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Cheryl-lynn - February 22

This was my husband and I first cycle trying and we were surprised to get pregnant the first time. My LMP was 28/01/05 and my cycles are usually 23 days apart. I hadn't got my period on Saturday so we did a HPT (First Response) and it came back with a very faint positive. So we took another one. Same thing. So then we bought Clear blue and got a faint positive from it. We went to the doctor today and found out for sure I'm pregnant. My due date is Nov 7. It's weriod because I don't feel pregnant. I have not symptoms, and yet I'm pregnant. For some reason I thought I would know when I was pregnant before a test would tell me. And even though I have a confirmed pregnancy test from a doctor I still don't beleive it. I almost feel numb. I just can't beleive I'm pregnant.


beth - February 23

Congrats Cheryl-lynn. I really couldn't believe I was pregnant untill about 6 weekss. I also felt numb about it untill all the symptoms set in. Now I have no doubt that I am pregnant. Give yourself a few weeks and your body will change like crazy. Have a happy and healthy 9 months.


Beth - February 23

Congrats Cheryl-lynn. . .I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and STILL don't feel pregnant!! I just went out today and bought another hpt just to see the positive pop up, haa haa


hjs - February 24

Congrats! I didn't start feeling pg until I was 5 weeks along. I felt the same except for sore b___sts. That's what made me take a hpt a week before my period and it was faintly positive so I waited a day and then it was really positive. I thought I was going to breeze through this with no real symptoms but then at five weeks I got morning sickness. Not in the morning either. All day. I haven't been throwing up but I feel like I could all day long. I feel like I have the flu all the time. Yuck. I was so full of energy at first and now I get home from work and just hit the couch. It sucks. I hope you get away with not having any symptoms!!!! Good luck!


Robyn - March 3

Congrats. Dont feel bad I am 7 weeks and the only reason I even feel pregnant is because my b___bs are really sore and getting huge! Also there are some not quite plesent side effects...ahem..down there...that let you know. Other then that, not really morning sickness maybe one or two days so far where I felt a little nauseous but thats it! Just be happy that you are! Its wonderful and exciting. I took 4 at home preggie tests because I thought the first box might contaminated or something. Ha ha ha. Had the DR confirm and couldnt speak for abour 10 minutes! Its a good feeling though once you start accepting it and planning for the birth! Good luck with all!


Ellie - March 3

Hi - I'm 8 wks pg and don't feel a darn thing except for the big b___bs and missed period. I had a confirmed + pg test from the dr at 6 wks, and I go Monday for the first OB visit. Still don't feel pregnant and have had no morning sickness, fatigue or anything. Kind of makes me worry but we'll see. By the way, sorry, but what does BFP mean?! Thanks.


Kathy - March 3

I also was suprised that I got PG on the first try with my first 2. (This time we weren't trying -just surprised!) Anyway, my first time around I didn't feel any major symptoms, expect my breats hurt a bit, and I had to nibble throughout the day. I never got sick or anything. This #2 I started feeling it around week 6, and this time I hadn't taken the test yet (4 days late) when the nausea set in. It was constant until mid-way through week ten. Now, I occasionally feel queasy, but haven't vomited in over a week. Once your belly pops and you feel things moving, it'll really hit you.



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