Doctor Or Midwife

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Brooke - March 28

Is there a difference between a doctor or a midwife when it comes to the care giving and the delivering of a baby


T - March 28

I've chosen a doctor. For some reason I just feel more comfortable with a doctor. Don't really know why??


Heidi - March 28

I don't know the difference. Just probably their schooling and stuff like that. I am seeing a midwife who I've seen since I was a teenager for my "female" visits. She's delivered a lot of babies and I feel totally comfortable with her. There's just certain things they can't do, I don't think they can do a C-Section etc. My first exam was with a doctor and I decided I didn't like her and went back to my midwife. I'm glad I did. I think midwives have more experience as it's their main job.


Rachel - March 28

I chose a doctor too. They can do more than the midwifes can in case of a complication.


Vina - March 28

They a__signed a resident (student doctor), and they gave me a choice if I want to switch to a midwive. The doctor seems very young and inexperience .. I think I should switch to a midwive. Since this is my first pregnancy, inexperienced doctor worries me :(


here2help - March 29

brooke, a doctor deals with high risk pregnancy and midwifes deals with low risk pregnancy. Hope this helps!! Good luck


tiffani - March 29

OB Doctors have much more knowledge and training if complications should arise. Midwives are on a more personal level and are very good at what they do, barring an emergency. OB Doctors generally only practice in a hospital while midwives can deliver your baby at your home, a birthing center, and a hospital. I chose a doctor only out of fear that if an emergency came about and I needed a C section, it could be done immediately. Thank goodness I did, because that's exactly what happened. This time around I have no choice, i'm scheduled for a repeat C section. :o)


Misty - March 29

I have a midwife right now. I am going to be giving birth in one of the best hospitals in our state though. Lucky me. But now, if I need a hospital the midwife won't be able to do it, but won't there be someone there who will?


Misty - March 29

Lol, oops, I meant if I need a c-section.....not if I need a hospital. :-)



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