Doctor Won T See Me Until I M 10 Weeks Normal

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diana - November 21

We were not planning our pregnancy, and I haven't been to the doctor for ANYTHING in almost a year. Is it normal for an OBGYN to refuse to see me until my tenth week? Not even to confirm my pregnancy? Maybe it's my HMO.


Dia - November 21

Hi Diana...I am 11 weeks and have yet to be seen. Apparently it is somewhat normal, my doctor said that if anything was wrong before 12 weeks there was nothing they could do to stop it anyway. Some docs see you earlier, but it is typically just for them to make extra money and for you to see your little bean :) My doc did confirm my pregnancy right away though...but I went to my family doc for that. Good luck!!


Diana - November 21

Thanks Dia. It seemed weird to me, and it certainly makes me feel impatient, but what can you do? As long as I know that it's not a red flag...


crystal - November 22

hi there, i am 7 weeks and have been pregnant before. alot of doctors will not see yo till there is a heart rate and usually only 75% of women actually can get a fetal heart rate around 8-9 weeks. so usually doctors want to see you when your baby heart rate pops up.


Allie - November 22

With my first pregnancy I had the dr's wouldn't see me, even when I told them I was having problems. I ended up in the ER and almost died when my tube ruptred b.c the pregnancy was ectopic. I switched dr.s, and I've been in twice, once at 4 1.2 weeks, once at 6 1/ next appt is at 12 weeks. They did ultrasounds at both of my appts and we saws the heartbeat at 6 1/2. I would shop for a new doc if they wont see you...


to diana - November 22

have you had any prior pregnancies with complications? that is usually why a doctor would see you earlier. i have had two prior miscarriages, and i wasnt going to be seen until my 11th or 12th week either, so i switched doctors, and now i will be going in for my 4th appointment this afternoon. otherwise, as long as you feel good and things like that, then you should be ok. however, that is weird that they didnt want you to come in to at least confirm your pregnancy. good luck to you! how far along are you at this point?


Diana - November 22

I'm six weeks along. I feel great, really. No morning sickness yet, though I am pretty queasy. I've had a bit of cramping and I'm exhausted, but I feel good. This is my first pregnancy, and I'm the first of my friend to get pregnant. It's such an intense set of feelings and emotions!


Bobbi - November 22

I'm almost 8 weeks, and I haven't seen the doctor yet either. My family doctor told me that most dr's wont see patients before ten weeks, because of such a high miscarriage rate. That was pretty discouraging but now im counting down to ten weeks so i can go, lol.


Stef - November 23

I'm 12.5 weeks now and my dr's said that they won't see you until 8-10weeks along. i had the same questions what if its not forming right or even to confirm a pregnancy. so they did bring me in at 6weeks to make sure there was a hb. since then i had to go to the ER b/c the dr's refused to let me come in from dehydration and cramping/vomitting. I have my next appt on Friday then i'm thinking about switching dr's. I don't like how they run there office. Most of the time the dr will let you come in and have you do testing but not all do u/s until 11 or 12 weeks along.


danielle - November 28

My OB/GYN scheduled my 1st appointment which is blood work and physical about 9 weeks along and then my first real ob appoinment at 11 weeks. I am only 7 weeks right now. They say b/c the m/c rate they want to make sure. That is what my nurse told me today. They usually wont confirm pregnancy unless your period is late and you are getting negatives on the HPT. I hate it. I wanted to get in there sooner. Also my nurse said because around 10-12 weeks you can hear the heart beat and so that is what they want to hear.


KJ - November 29

I'm 9wks with my first pregnancy. I've seen the Dr. twice, first time was to confirm and get my pre natal vitamins and the second one was last week at 8wks for my first u/s heard the babies heart beat and got about 5 pictures. My next one is at 12 weeks for another u/s. I would either switch Dr.'s or ask if you can at least get prenatal vitamins. Good luck to you.


me - November 29

A lot of doctors wont see till your 10 weeks is what I've heard. The doctor wouldn't get me in until I was at least 8. DOn't worry you have nothing to worry about especially if you've had no bleeding. It'll come before you know it


Heather - November 30

Hi, Diana.... same thing here. Just found out and I am about 51/2 weeks now. I freaked out when they told me to wait and come in the following month (not to mention that it's making my husband a nervous wreck, too!)! I researched and asked a lot of friends/aquaintences with babies if this was normal. Apparently, it is. Some docs will see you and others won't. I have called the office back and had them call me in a prenatal vitamin (at least) to ease my mind for the next month. Good luck and congratulations!!



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