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Annie - April 4

Hi. I am more than 4 weeks pregnant today. When i called the doctor for an appointment, they said they will see me only at 8 weeks. i.e when i miss my second period too. Since the hpt's are positive, they prescribed the prenatal vitamins. Is this normal? Does all doctors see at 8 weeks only?? any advice is appreciated. This is my 1st pregnancy.


Mythili - April 4

I am today 8 weeks and 3 days preg. I haven't seen my gyno yet. THey have booked me in for my ultrasound on April 6th. I am to make appointment to see them after the u/s.


New_mom - April 4

I am 21 wks pregnant. They didn't get me in till I was 9 wks and I also got prenatal vitamins. I wouldn't worry.


lilmum - April 4

yep, my first appoint. is at 10 weeks and they told me the earlier you start taking prenatal vitamins, the better. You could have started them before conception if you had planned it.


annie - April 5

Thanks all for relieving me from this tension. Did the doctor do ultrasound in your first visit at 8 or 10 weeks. If any complications occur before that, will they see me??


D - April 5

I called the doc office at 5w, told them I needed my first appt, they scheduled me that week. I did paperwork, and they scheduled an u/s & bloodwork at the hospital the next day. My next appointment was scheduled for a month later. But, I started spotting, so I called them, and they scheduled an appt at 7w3d. Because of that, they've seen me again at 9w6d. But now that things seem to be getting better, my next appt is for April 15. I'll be 13w6d. It seems different doctors may be different about the complications. The problem for them is, there is so very little they can do if something goes wrong early on. Fortunately my doc believes in helping put her patients minds at rest with some sort of answer, so she'll see me right away if I have any problems.


Nadine - April 5

I was furios and called until my mind was at ease about so many things. make you appt. today if you want it! My dr. also didn't see me until 8 weeks--actually, had bloodwork, ultrasound but no exam is n't right! Maybe we should switch docs. Meanwhile, ask that they mail you out any pamphlets about eating...Mine shoudl be coming today. I'm 9w/2d--very nervous!


Ericka - April 5

I too in 9 wks along. My first appt. is tomarrow. In everything that I have read, there is not ultrasound this early. Am I wrong?


to erica - April 5

i don't think so. I think it depends on where you live and your pregnancy. If you've had a history of misscarriage, or problems with past pregnancies (anything to make you high risk) you will probably have one early. i live in canada, and i am under the understanding that they only do ultrasounds at approx. 18 weeks (give or take a week or two depending on when you can get your appoint.) as long as you are considered low-risk.


Sondra - April 5

If this is your first pregnancy it is very normal. Most Dr wont want to see you until you are about 8-10 weeks because of the higher risk of miscarrage. I wouldn't worry unless you start having cramping or other problems such as spotting, then you would need to contact your doctor right away.



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