Does Anybody Know What This Is

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Swashey - January 30

I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant but 2 days ago i was having a dull aching feeling about 3 inches under my belly button and a little to the right it lasted for about 1 hour. Does anybody know what this is?


llukenjess - January 30

I've have been trying to find out the same thing...mine is more off the the sides, and it feels more like a burning sensation. i am 6w1d. i think we're safe as long as there is no blood!


Swashey - January 30

Mine doesnt burn just really aches and it last for a while when it happens but no blood. Im in the navy and cant get any kind of appt till Feb 22 so i dont have a dr to ask yet


faithhopelove - January 30

I had that sort of sensation a few days ago (i'm 5 weeks) but it was on my sides. This is my 2nd pregnancy, my first was a miscarriage and this one i have every sign in the book + more! my first i had nothing, which probably is a good sign. I heard you can get those sort of sensations, don't really know why but as long as you're not cramping and bleeding you're fine! H&H 9 months!!


Sims1 - January 30

hey guys i'm in my 6th month, and i don't know if this help you guys, but i had mentral like cramps throughout my entire first trimester. and after a while it became comforting to me because it just reminded me that i am for sure pg. there's just so many things that are going on that it's hard to label every pain, but i was a wreck my first tri trying to decipher everything worried about mc. you guys are probably all good, a very very sticky baby dust to you all.


happytobemommy - January 31

I have the same thing and I am currently 9 weeks. I've been told it is your stomach muscles stretching. To me it feels like period cramps but not as bad or it doesn't last as long. As time goes by I stopped feeling it a lot when I was past week 7 so good luck ladies.


Swashey - January 31

Thank yall so much for that i feel alot better i think im just to worried even though this is my first pregnancy i have wanted it for a long time!!!!!


sarah21 - January 31

It's just one of those weird pregnancy aches and pains. Believe me, you will get freaked out over more aches and pains that are unexplained. But it will most likely be fine. I am 32 and a half weeks with my first baby and have just recently gotten over the fear of miscarrying, even though I've never miscarried before. It's crazy what pregnancy does to our poor bodies! :)


alirenee86 - January 31

Swashy, don't worry. If it's your first especially, you'll be extra cautious and should undoubtedly have a super healthy pregnancy. There's so much out there they make you paranoid about. Just stay as healthy as you know you can you'll do fine with flying colors. I'm pregnant with my 2nd after having my first 2 months ago!!! A couple of weeks ago, having no idea I was pregnant, I would wake up to feed the baby, and feel what I would describe as a super nervous feeling in my stomach. Like how your stomach feels if you're super duper stressed or worried. I didn't know what it was and now that I'm pregnant, a__sociate it with that. Weird things will come and go and unless you have a definate suspicioion that it's something more serious, just know that there is a growing human being inside you!!! Just wait till your third trimester....:):) Enjoy it and know it's human nature, at the risk of sounding super naturual. It's all changes that you're supposed to go through :):) When ar e you due??


Swashey - February 1

Im due Sept 21. Thank you so much I was just worried but i havent had it since then but this morning I did have a very sharp pain but only once for a few seconds. The past few days i have been extra nauseas so even though that sucks its very rea__suring.



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