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worried mom to be - November 3

hi ladies! i was so happy to find out that i was pregnant after a m/c and my husband and i trying for almost a year, and lots of infertility tests, anyways, lately i have been freaking out some...thinking OMG i am going to be a mom! am i going to be a good one, am i going to be paranoid all the time? what if i just cant cut it as a parent, what if my husband and i dont agree with each others veiws on raising a child etc. am i just crazy, or am i normal for having all of these feelings? any feedback/advice on this matter would be great! thanks so much!


to worried mom to be - November 3

relax.......and enjoy being pregnant. all the stuff you're feeling is normal. i am too in the same boat. this is my 1st prengnacy and both hub n i are very excited.......sometimes i would think we might disagree w/ somethings but im sure we would work it out for the sake of our child. so relaxxxx and enjoy the ride ! congrats! how far along are you?


worried mom to be - November 3

hi i am only 8 weeks 3 days, so i think that i am a little too worried over nothing, but i guess that the reality of motherhood is setting in, and making me nervous. i know that i know what i am doing when it comes to babies, however my daycare experiance is totally differant than having my very own baby lol...thanks for letting me know that i am not the only one, who feels like this, and really i am not all that stressed about it, i was just wondering if i was crazy for having thest feelings...again thanks for your response, and how far along are you?


bump - November 3

anyone else have these feelings?


bump - November 4

k...i guess that it is confirmed that i am crazy...otherwise some of you just dont want to admit these feelings lol...all kidding aside...the 2 of us are the only ones? i was really hoping for some support here


worried mom to be - November 5

well ladies, i am sad to see that no one else has any thoughts on this...i really was hoping for some support here, and i just cant get it...i feel like i have been patient in waiting for a response. thanks again to any of you that have read this, and i hope that you are all doing well. take care!


leonia - November 5

Well your not alone i promise you most women think this the first time around.I myself was terrified to fail .I am now 8 weeks with my third and last.You'll be fine.Most mom's don't actually go insane ,well if we do we keep it quiet,lol.But trust me alot of people feel overwhelmed and nervous about failing.You are completely normal so relax,you'll be a great mom.Congrats on your pregnancy.Take care:)



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