Does Anyone Else Have A Cyst

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Ashley - July 27

When I went in for my first u/s, the tec told me that I had a "larger-than-normal" cyst on my left ovary. I was two weeks behind where I thought I was. My midwife mentioned the cyst could be why my uterus didn't measure bigger. For a while, I had pain whenever I stretched on the left side, or from pressure but it's gone now. Any pain is very slight. Has anyone else had a cyst and maybe had it go away? Or measured smaller their first u/s? Has anybody had to have an operation to remove one? Thanks everybody.


Debi - July 27

Hi Ashley, when I had my first u/s they found a corpus luteum cyst on my left ovary. The tech and doc both said that this is actully a good cyst because it produces progesterone which will sustain the pregnancy until the placenta forms. My cyst is on my left side and I was having slight pain on the right. I don't know what that was all about but they weren't too concerned about it, so I let it go, now the pain comes and goes but is not bad. I also have had 2 previous c-sections so I have to wonder if I have some adhesions (which would be common) and that is why I have the pain. Did your midwife seem concerned about the size of your uterus? Do you also have an MD following you during your pregnancy? If not you may want to consult one, just for their opinion on things. Best of luck and try not to worry too much (easier said then done, i know)


Charlene - July 27

Hi Ashley, I too have a cyst, but on my right ovary. My Dr did not actually even mention it when they called about my u/s results. It was the tech that said something while I was there. I read on one site that cysts can be quite normal and are seen in pregnancy. Fo now I am not worrying about it. Hope all goes well.


Ashley - July 27

My midwife says that my uterus won't be affected during the second trimester b/c it grows differently. I don't think there is anything wrong right now. We saw the heart beat and everything. If I go for my next u/s and the cyst has not done something positive (shrunk, disapeared, I have no idea) I am going to go see an MD. I didn't think this was a big deal until I found out the place I got my u/s called my midwife about it! (The problem with the MD my midwife recomended is his u/s is $300 when I can get one for $70 at a very professional place.) I wonder if the cyst is bigger b/c I am so irregular: my last . was April30th and right now I'm only 8w instead of 13w! Who knows. I am going to try not to worry! Thanks both of you!!



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