Does Anyone Else Have To Wait

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Lisa - April 4

I found out I was pregnant April 1st. My edd is December 8th. I called to make an appointment with my doctor and they said they dont see you til 12 weeks should I get a different doctor?


RG - April 4

I found out at about 5w that I was pg and I saw the doctor about a week later was about 7w when I saw them from the EDD they did. I just had my first us today at 8w3d. It just depends on the doctor's office, some see you early, some wait. If it's going to worry you that you cannot see someone before 12w, then I'd suggest trying to get a sooner appt with someone else to ease your worries. It's not good to worry and stress yourself out! Best of luck!


Misty - April 4

I would definately get a different doctor if they aren't at least going to set you up with an appointment with a nurse at the doctors office where you are going. They should start getting info from you and do a blood test to have something to compare it to later to see if your HCG levels are rising as they should and whatnot. I disn't get to see the doctor during my first appointment, only a nurse, I get to see her on April 8th. I will be 11 weeks then. It just seems like they aaren't to interested in the well being of your pregnancy if they are going to let you sit around until 12 weeks. That is just my opinion though. Maybe you should wait to decide though until you have seen the doctor at least one time. He/she might actually be a very good doctor.


Stephanie - April 4

It does'nt make sense that they would'nt want to make sure that you are taking your pre-natals?!? Did they ask you over the phone if you were taking any vitamins?? If not I'd look elsewhere......


Ln - April 5

I found out i am pregnant on march 28. I called the dr. on the 30th to make an appt. They told me that they don't see pt until they are 8-10 weeks. I asked why and was told to eliminate the chances of a false positive and for the simple fact that there is really nothing to see before then anyway. I had already been taking OTC prenatals. I guess I just have to be patient.



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