Does Anyone Out There Have A Cold

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Mindi - November 4

I am just curious to know if anyone is feelinga s bad as me. I am almost 7 wks. pregnant and I had the nausea on and off, my prenatal vitamins make me sick and to top it all off I have a bad head cold that is making my throat hurt. Could all of this affect my pregnancy?


Cabbie - November 4

I am so glad I found your post. I have been fighting this awful head cold since Wed. I woke up Wed. morning and felt like a weight was on my head. I had to call my husband to come take my dr to school for the afternoon. I called my mom to take my youngest to dance. That is just not me. Usually even when I feel bad, I work through it. I felt better Thurs but still have a head cold that makes my thoat hurt. I am also worried about this affecting my pregnancy as I have had three miscarriages since Aug 04. I go in for my second ultrasound this Friday. I am almost 8 weeks. My first ultrasound showed a healthy sized embryo with a 130 bpm heart. I'm praying. I also have had the nausea on and off, but can't tell if it is from the baby or the congestion! My prenats make me gag every night! Sounds like we are in the same boat.


cabbie - November 4

sorry I meant daughter to school, not dr.


mama-beans - November 4

I'm just over 8 weeks, nauseous, and yep, suffering from a head cold. Your body is designed to protect the baby, and it was prepared for this kind of thing.. no worries, mama!


Cabbie - November 4

At this point, I am so paranoid. I have looked up strep throat and mono. I ran a fever on Wed, but it never got over 100.1. Now my head and nose feel a lot better, its just my throat is sore, coated, and hoarse. My fatigue is so extreme right now. Hoping its the pregnancy and not the illness as I'm hoping the nausea is the pregnancy, too. After the year that I have had, my a___l genes are really coming out!


Mindi - November 5

Cabbie- I can't even imagine what all you have had to go through this past year. I hope everything goes well with this pregnancy. My SIL had 2 miscarriages before she had a healthy baby boy last year. Just hang in there and keep your spirits up. I thought I was gonna die Thurs. I couldn't even lift my head up. Last night was the first night I held all my dinner down. Thanks mama for the info. I just can't help but worry with this being my first pregnancy and not knowing what to expect. Looks like we are all pretty close in how far a long we are in our pregnancies. Good luck to everyone! I hope we all start feeling better soon. I can't wait to be that pregnant "happy" woman that I always see and hear about. Instead, I am the sick and miserable one.



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