Does Morning Sickness Help

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Punkin - February 26

reduce your risk of a miscarriage? I was just wondering if anyone who has had a m/c was also really sick with m/s? I have heard it is "good" to be sick because it has to do with the increase in hormones. Just one of those things I was wondering about.......


ginger6363 - February 26

hey punkin, I don't think anything "gaurantees" you won't has a m/c, but m/s is definitely a good sign. Don't be alarmed if you don't have extreme m/s though, many pregnant women don't. I was lucky and had only mild nausea from wk9-10. If you want you can ask this question on the miscarriage board, they would be able to answer you better.


Punkin - February 26

That is a great idea, I hope it won't offend anyone. I know there is no gaurantee, I was just seeing what the ratio's were. Thanks for the idea though.


ChattyKathy - February 26

Since most miscarriages are due to chromosomes, there is nothing that can reduce your risk except for being lucky enough to beat the odds. Yes, its true that people will tell you that morning sickness is a good sign, but there are still cases where morning sickness has been a factor and there were still miscarriages, just like there are cases where women have absolutely no morning sickness and have healthy babies. Its all about how your body is able to handle the hormones, not about how well your baby is doing.


BeccaC - February 26

I agree w/ Chatty. I have a DH and during my pg w/ her, I never experienced nausea. Then I had two m/c in a row - and no nausea either. I am now 11 wks pg ( and I am floating between this forum & the m/c forum) and for the 1st time in my life, I've had nausea and vomiting. You are going to think I'm nuts - but I actually enjoy this because it makes me FEEL pregnant - especially after 2 losses. Whenever my nausea goes away, I start to worry and feel better when it returns - imagine that! =) Studies show that m/s is related to high HCG levels which is a good thing, but I don't think it is clinically proven. Symptoms or not, I pray for a healthy pg for you.


Punkin - February 26

Thanks Becca, and I will pray for you too! I don't think it sounds nuts, I feel the same way, I like feeling pregnant! I know of course that is it not a guarantee, if you have m/s, I was just wondering how many people had each. Anyway, thanks and good luck,, keep us posted!! BTW, I am 6 weeks today.



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