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hazel3661 - July 24

h__lo! i am a newbie here....i am 8 wks pregnant with my first and last night our dog was all excited b/c my hubby was playing with him, well he jumped and landed on my stomach. he didnt land with his full body weight but i have been kinda worried about it all day. should i get worried about it? has anyone had anything similar happen? please help!~


J.J. - July 24

Hazel, in my experience, docs tend to say, unless you have related cramping or bleeding, there's nothing to worry about.....whether you fall down and worried about impact, or dog or child actually jumps on your belly. It's natural to be scared but your baby is well insulated from lumps/bumps especially when they are still the size of a bean..... My son jumped all over me while i was preg w/daughter....and i also fell when preg with him and got in a car accident(!) when preg with her! (what luck) None of these incidents affected child or pregnancy.


hazel3661 - July 24

yea i have been cramping since i found out (about 3wks ago) everything is feeling same as you had it pretty rough! lol. well i am glad to hear things went well. thank you very much for your response. it puts my mind at ease!!


CaliPitGirl - July 25

Your baby is so protected there is nothing to worry about. You can start helping your dog prepare for the baby in other ways too. For example if your dog sleeps on your bed and you wont allow that after the baby comes then you need to get him accustomed to that now so he has no resentment. Buy a baby gate and get him used to respecting it now. For example put it up in the room that is going to be the nursery now so he learns respect for that room. EVEN if you do allow him in there when the baby is home this exercise will be good for him to learn to respect the babies space. Same with couches and furniture. Talk to friends and family memebers about having them walk the dog for you after the baby comes so he still gets his exercise or he'll go bonkers, LOL When you get your stroller do practice walks with him so he us used to it!



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