Don T Really Feel Pregnant Anymore

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baby#2inaug - January 13

Should I be worried? Seems like most of my symptoms have left all of a sudden. I had nausea and throwing up for a long time and just the past 3 days or so it is totally gone. I am about 10 weeks along (due around august 10). I have a slight bump and all my jeans are too tight but it has been like this with no change for at least 2 weeks. My daughter is almost 7, and as far as I remember I had no symptoms with her and I didn't start to get a bump till 5-6 months. I'm a little confused and don't know if i should be concerned, any advice would really be appreciated. Oh, by the way my name is Andria and I am 27


Anissa - January 13

Hi Andria....I am 13 weeks and started getting morning sickness and most of my symptoms at week 8....When I reached my 10th week, instead of being sick every single day I would go 4 or even 5 days without being sick or feeling nausiated, then all of the sudden it would it again. I have a belly also, or bump as you would call it, and it doesn't seem as though mine has changed in the past few weeks....but of course we won't notice right off I guess. Others will though. So don't worry....I have heard that between 10-12 weeks that your symptoms may lessen because of your hormones leveling its not unusual at I said, I am 13 weeks and still get it off and on....more on here lately than off....good luck to you and don't worry! Everything is fine!


baby#2inaug - January 14

thank-you, that honestly helps alot to hear someone is feeling the same. We're not scheduled to here our baby's heatbeat for the first time until out feb 2 appt, and our ultrasound isn't until march 16, so after both of those I should have the rea__surance needed to be able to go on stress-free and be able to focus on all the joys of pregnancy. Thanks again. :)


Nicole - January 15

Hey Andria....I feel your concern! I am 10 weeks and 4 days preggo. I am due around August 9 and will have my 2nd us on Feb 2. (the same as baby#2inaug) I was sick as a dog during my 5th-8th weeks and all of a sudden my symptoms just stopped around the 9th week. I still feel a little nausea from time to time and still get some stomach cramps. I had to get some matermity clothes because my pants felt tight at work. I am sorry I can't give you any advice but it feels rea__suring that I am not alone. Good luck to all!


Deb - January 15

That's exactly when my symptoms started disappearing. No worries...I am now almost 15 weeks!


SarahLF - January 15

I was concerned about the same. Baby due Aug 11 and my symptoms tapered off about mid-week last week. (less nausea, b___sts less sensitive). We mc last year, so I'm kind of overly anxious right now, but it's good to read that you've all been experiencing this.


baby#2inaug - January 16

Thanks ladies, i feel WAY better knowing that i'm not alone. It's kinda funny, but my morning sickness came back full force 2 days after I posted my question, and now it's gone again, just like that. I guess my body is just reminding me that I've got a baby growing in there. Hey Nicole, that's cool that we have the same due date and I just bought some maternity clothes too, my tummy bulged out way faster than with my first, it's cool though, i really like it when my fiancee rubs my belly and it makes my pregnancy feel real. I'm not scheduled to hear the heartbeat till my appt on feb2 and our first u/s isn't till march16, does anyone know if it's normal to have to wait that long


Jess - January 17

I just wanted to say that I am also due on Aug 10, and I had the same question you had about symptoms going away mysteriously, so I asked my dr and she said that is normal for them to change from day to day.. Also I had to buy some maternity jeans already!! This is my 2nd preg, but first was a mis at 8wks,, but my stomach has really seemed to pop.. my hubbie loves it.!! = )


Michelle C - January 25

usually the doc wants to see you at around 8 weeks. mine took me earlier because of history of miscarriages. how far along will you be at doc appt? 14 weeks? that is a bit late.


krc - January 25

I never felt pregnant to begin with !


smc - January 26

For the last three weeks, I've had all the cla__sic pregnancy symptoms - swollen b___sts, some cramping (near ovaries and in uterus), lower back pain, v____al discharge, acute sense of smell and a bit of nausea. I've been TTC for 6 months and the symptoms started soon after I thought I ovulated. But starting two days ago, I've lost all of these symptoms. And yet I've not started a period. Can it be an early miscarriage without a period/bleeding? Any idea what's happened? Any advice appreciated!


buffy2297 - January 26

Don't want to frighten you ladies but my symptoms dissappeared at 8 weeks and I went for a scan at 9 weeks to find that the baby had died at 7weeks. This is called a missed miscarriage. I had no idea that this could happen I always thought a miscarriage was pain and bleeding but this is not the case. My stomach still felt like it was growing I guess I was just bloated. I just wanted to tell you that this can happen because I didn't know and it made it whole lot worse for me. Anyway I'm sure you will all go on to have very healthy babies. I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and realise how lucky you are. Cherish those little kidney beans with every piece of your heart they are worth it. Good luck and take care


krc - January 26

okay ladies.....dont start thinking paranoid thoughts !! Just because your symptoms go away doesn't mean your gonna go thru what buffy did. Alot of times symptoms taper off after the 1st trimester...if you had any symptoms to start with! Not all women get symptoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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