Don T Want To Be Disrespectful Mc Question

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wondering about mc - October 18

Just wondering what a mc feels / looks like... I like to be prepared on what I should be looking for... or is it so obvious when it happens? Sorry to seem rude or disrespectful.., I just want to be informed.


kiki - October 18

maybe check on the misscarriage forum, there are people there that have been through it


Dia - October 18

I have not had one, but I have been having a lot of "not normal" cramping and stuff, so I asked one of my friends who had a miscarriage and she said she didn't feel anything at all. She wasn't sick, no b___b pain, no cramping...etc...and when she went to her first u/s the doctors found 2 empty sacs. They did a v____al u/s to confirm and told her she would pa__s them on her own, or she could have a D&C done. She opted for the D&C...hope this helps some!!


np - October 18

I've had 2 m/c. Both times I felt nothing and found out my u/s showing collapsed sacs. I had one D&C and the second one was like a period with much worse pain (this occurred a few days after u/s). It truly is a terrible experience either way.


... - October 18

Guess im one of the rare ones. My MC hurt like hell. The most pain that i have ever been in. I was soaking pads so much. I am now a little over 9 weeks pregnant, but still a little scared.


just wondering about mc - October 18

Thanks so much for your answers... DH and I are TTC and I want to be prepared... I know my mom had 2 mc's before a successful pregnancy ... I wish babydust for all of you!


Amanda - October 19

Have been through 2 m/c. First one pa__sed on own and felt no different to a period. Next one, I was 12wks along, so had to have a d&c. Long story, but they botched it up, and had to have a 2nd curette. EXTREME pain afterwards, like labour. That was 5mnths ago and Im now 3wks pregnant. VERY scared it'll happen again. As far as symptoms, watch out for bleeding. No one took mine seriously. Not even the ER doctors, so they never did an u/sound. They were awful. If you cramp and bleed at the same time, go to your local hospital.


Christy - October 19

I've had 2. I started with light brown bleeding-very minimal. Dr. did an u/s and found baby...heart beat was strong-everything looked fine. Put me on bedrest until the bleeding stopped. 4 days of bleeding..lighter as days went on...I started feeling a little pain in my gut. With in about 2 hrs it was severe pain w/ deep uterine cramping/contractions. Went to the hospital-felt like I was in labor. In the emergency room I began to pa__s the baby and it was horrible. There was no mistaking when I was at home that something was wrong because the pain was severe. I was only 7 weeks along so you don't have to be far to be in a lot of pain.


Amy - October 23

I had the worst cramps all day - though I was at work and too busy to really think about it. That night I went home and could hardly sleep they were so painful. I read that if cramping doesn't go away in 24 hours to call your doctor. So the next morning I woke up to bright red bleeding, and went to the doctor where and ultrasound revealed that I was miscarrying. I was about 6 weeks- and it was the most painful thing, I had regular contractions that I could count and my doctor said I was already dialated by the time I got there. They gave me lots of vicodin AND ibuprofen, and I still hardly moved for about 24 hours. I bled heavily the entire time, and the contractions finally slowed and stopped for about an hour. Then I went to the bathroom and felt a peculiar plopping, it all came out in one little sac which I chose not to look at. It was quite awful. My doctor said a miscarriage is very often a lot like labor - contractions, dialation, and so on! Good luck with your pregnancy!


Jodi - October 24

I had a m/c in may and the cramping was a little worse than a period not so bad that I could handle it, but I didn't pa__s everything all in one day either, it was a 3 day process and I bled for a very long time. About 2 1/2 months, but on the bright side, I am now 14 weeks pregnant and heard the heartbeat 2 times now, last one was on the 21st. hope this gives some of you some hope!! God Bless!



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