Donating Cord Blood

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lilmum - April 13

I live in canada and am very interested in donating my cord blood once my baby is born. I have found numerous sites on banking your own blood, but this is expensive and i much rather donate it so that someone else may have the chance of saving their baby. (and hope others would do the same incase i someday needed it). Have any canadians out there found any information on this?? i would be very greatful. Thank you so much and i hope others will consider the donating as well.


JL - April 14

I looked into this when I was preganant with my first baby in 2002. However, when I inquired about it, it was already too late for me to get the kit sent out. Now I am almost 7 weeks along with my 2nd baby, and I plan to donate the cord blood this time. It is quite expensive to bank your baby’s cord blood to be stored for your personal use (about $2000 upfront, and then an annual storage fee), and the uses for the blood are still somewhat limited. My OB-GYN told me that if everyone would donate their cord blood to a blood bank, there would be a match for everyone in the nation and there would be no need for personal cord banking. If you want to make a free-of-charge donation of umbilical cord blood to one of the nation’s blood banks, in 2002 there was only one blood bank in the country accepting donations. I first called LifeSource, and found out that the midwest cord blood banks are full (I am in Chicago). LifeSource referred me to Cryobank International, located in Florida. They need at least 4-5 weeks to send out the collection kit, so I was too late with my first pregnancy. If you want to check into making a donation, the number for Cryobank International is 800-869-8608.


lilmum - April 14

thank you so much JL. i have looked it up but found i may not even be eligable for donation (or even banking) as i will most likely have a c-sec again this time. I guess there is too much chance for contamination?? I am really dissappointed but still encourage others to give this amazing gift. The stem cells from cord blood can be given to patients who would otherwise need a bone marrow transplant (which is hard to find and extreamly painful for both donor and reciepient) and hopefully give many the chance at life.



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