Dont Feel Pregnant

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bec - January 16

im 8 weeks pregnant and i dont feel pregnant when will i start to feel pregnant.. is this normal


Deb - January 16

I am 15 weeks pregnant and don't necessarily "feel" pregnant. I had terrible m/s from 6 weeks on but it's not like I feel anything in my tummy. If you don't have m/s you are one of the lucky ones. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.


SherryZ - January 16

I am in my 6th week and don't feel any different either. I have had very mild cramping on and off, have been a bit more tired, and my nipples are a bit more sensitive (not even sore). But that is it. I don't really feel pregnant. I keep wondering if I should have morning sickness by now.


Brandi Nikki - January 16

SherryZ, i feel the same as u and just turned 6 weeks.guess i should be happy i dont want no moring sickness or anything to make me feel bad


#3forMe - January 16

Hi there bec! I had to smile when I read your post. My first pregnancy I was in your shoes! Infact, I felt sooooo good and didn't "feel" pregnant that I was worried. I had two sisters pregnant at the same time who where sooo tired or sooo sick or both! I was worried and once or twice I even asked my doctor's office if I could come in and just hear the heart beat to set my mind at ease. They had no problem with my request and each time I would cry with joy. I was so happy with no pregnancy symptoms (I totally enjoyed my pregnancy!) Oh, I had a boy! And then with my second pregnancy, I had m/s until my 5th month (but not as bad as what I have heard) and I had a beautiful girl that time! This pregnancy I have a little nausea from time to time and I am tired now and then but not like either one of my previous pregnancy- So now I don't know what to think, lol! It's gotta be a boy or a girl so I just don't know what to think. I used to think (from some of what I have read) that with boys your hormone levels gradually go up and with girls your hormone levels peak quickly and then steady out (which is what is causing the nausea and sickness). But I just don't know. My mother had 4 girls and all of her pregnancies where different! I wish you much happiness and comfort in your pregnancy and enjoy the fact that you don't "feel" pregnant. This is such a wonderful time in our lives!



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