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charee - March 9

Just a question on dopplers- has anyone bought or rented one?? Which ones are good/sensitive ones?? And when are you usually able to pick it up at home?? Im thinking about renting or buying a good one this time... any reccomendations? Thanks =)


tk07 - March 10

i was thinking about that too, i am going to ask my Dr on tuesday what he thinks about having one at home... and what a good kind is. i am so paranoid i think i should get one! i think they start to work good after 12 weeks. but if i do i am going to rent one because those are the nicer ones ($500) and they probably work better than the $150 you can buy.


moescrilla - March 10 are some websites. My dr. has two and three mghz dopplers, and they've used both on me before. The two is more expensive, even to rent (in most cases i've seen) but three works good too.


heather28 - March 10

I was thinking about this and I asked my hubby about it. He was like "What is the heartbeat going to stop or something?" He's overseas right now and doesn't understand how much I worry. I mean my appointments are 6 weeks apart. He doesn't realize when your pregnant that's like forever. (I'm 10w4d today)


lmk - March 10

I was just looking at the website, and I know my dh will think it's totally unnecessary. I'm 7w6d, and all I can think about is the next u/s to make sure all's ok. The digital doppler monitors are $45/mo...seems kind of expensive. Is that a standard price, anyone know?


lmk - March 10

Actually, I'm a__suming that's the cost per month...I didn't see an explanation anywhere.


moescrilla - March 10

yeah, that is the cost per month - I'm not sure if thats the average rate, but I think the ones I've seen (digital) were around that price.


Cathy2 - March 10 is where I have ordered my doppler from. I should have it by Wednesday, so excited!!! It's costing me $50 to rent it for the month...not bad...I figure after that I'll be feeling the baby move and not need the rea__surance of the heartbeat anymore. A friend of mine used it from about week 11 - 16 and said it gave her such piece of mind...


javidsgirl - March 10

i bought my doppler form healthcheck systems for 115 usd it has been working great



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