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llukenjess - March 4

when can i start using a doppler from home?? and where can i get them?


Patience2008 - March 4

When i was pregnant with my first one I was able to hear a heartbeat at 12 wks. I rented one from babybeats online. There are a ton of companies but there are new rules about having to have a note from your doctor to rent one. I dont think that they ask for it when you get the doppler but for legal reasons you need to have one.


elizhope - March 4

I rented mine from Its 25 a month and works GREAT!!! I can pick up the heartbeat almost right away everytime. I got mine last week.They say you can pick it up sporatically from 10-12 weeks and usually always by 13 weeeks and 100% by 14 weeks. I didnt need a doctors note.


elizhope - March 4

Oh, Im 14w2d today, so Ive been able to hear the heartbeat everytime since 13 weeks


llukenjess - March 4

I am going to be 12 weeks on monday and i really want to rent one...i was looking at i dont need a note from that website that will probs be the place i will get one...can you get it from a store NOT online??


elizhope - March 4

only online, but it comes wthin 2 days, or you can pay extra for overnight. i recommend buying extra ultrasound gel, it only comes with 2 oz.


stefkay - March 4

I got mine from and LOVE LOVE LOVE it...I got one first from and it didn't work well so I sent it back and went with bellybeats. I found out at my first appt. with my OB that they had the same doppler exactly! Mine worked between 9-10 weeks. They say they can catch it as early as 8 weeks--it's easier if you are thinner to catch it early. I had no problems at all after 10 weeks. I did NOT have to have a note from my dr. to rent from bellybeats and I got mine sent overnight.


llukenjess - March 5

OOOO i am really thinking about getting one i hate that i have to wait for the ultra sound to hear the heart beat. i want to listen to it whenever i want! and i know my bf would love this too! bellybeats seems to be the place to go! thanks ladies!!


hoping01 - March 8

Hi llukenjess, My hubby bought a doppler from babies r us the other day for us.It says that it should be used at 20 weeks or more, but I am 12 weeks tomorrow and I have been able to hear the heartbeat. It is very faint mind you, but it is there. I love it. I listen to my baby everyday!!!


Patience2008 - March 8

Hi hoping01, what brand of doppler did you buy from babies r us? Everyone I know that has bought one from the store that said you could hear at 20 wks could never hear. I rented one before but my husband says its too expensive and he doesnt want to do it again. Please let me know!


stefkay - March 8

I also heard those dopplers are terrible. I know several women past 30 weeks who they didn't work on! You have to be sure you are hearing the baby and not your own heartbeat...even with my doppler which does a digital readout I pick up my own a lot and sometimes getting the baby's is tough. It is much faster (about twice as fast) as our heartbeat.


hoping01 - March 12

Hey ladies... well you were right stefkay....that doppler does suck...apparently it wasnt the heaertbeat I was hearing at all....oh well...maybe I will rent one from belly beats.....



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