Doppler Can T Find A Heartbeat

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beardtl - October 2

i just received my fetal doppler from baby beat today and i can't find a heartbeat- well i can only find my own heartbeat. I am 11 weeks and i have heard the heartbeat with a doppler at 9 weeks with my dr. Should I be worried?????????


Stephanie_31 - October 2

There were a couple days that I was not able to get a h/b when I first started using it at 10 - 12 weeks. The baby is so small and has so many places to hide and ways it could be turned. Another this is the position of your placenta. If it is anterior (front of uterus) it could be more difficult early on. Check to see the mhz on the doppler you own. There is 2 and 3. Most home dopplers are 2 mhz , good for 12 weeks and on but doctors offices use 3mhz which can work as soon as 8-10 weeks. Oh BTW the first time I used it on my own it took me 15 - 20 mins to find a h/b. I had to turn it up all the way and the h/b was still really faint. The best way I found at 11 weeks is to put the probe right in the center on the very edge of my pubic bone (almost on the pubic bone) and move around slowly in small circles. I also had to apply a bit of pressure up until 13 weeks. The bigger they get the easier it is. I am now 14 weeks and can get it in 30 secs each time.


sarah21 - October 2

It is totally normal to not be able to find it sometimes. Stephanie is totally right.


ChattyKathy - October 2

It may take you a while before you get the hang of it. Not to mention that sometimes home dopplers may not be the exact same as the hospital ones. Try searching for it very low, about behind your pubic bone. At 11 weeks thats where my baby was, WAY in there. Good luck.


beardtl - October 2

thx soo much...i will try again when i get off at 8 with dh when i am completely relaxed and have more time. i tried it on my hour lunch break :) i was anxious and excited. i was just a little nervous seems like i have been feeling great- not pregnant (sick) for the last couple of days and this just freaked me out. thx for your advice.


Stephanie_31 - October 2

I started to feel good too at 10 weeks and had a little breakdown. Everything is fine and it is normal to start feeling better.


jennifer_33106 - October 3

Yeah like the others said, dont worry. I have a doppler and still cant get a hb on it. And i am 20 weeks this friday. The ones the doctors use are so much more sensitive and accurate. In about the end of the second trimester beginning of the third you should be able to hear it clearly. And in about 6-8 weeks you will feel the conformation you need and then all is well. GL!!!!


Cevvin - October 4

They could not get a heartbeat from the doppler in the docs office til i was close to 14 weeks, dont be worried at all. Those babies are tricky sometimes.1


ROBYN - October 4

I also have a doppler i am 18 weeks now but with the doppler you have to start very very very slowly more down towards the pubic area and barely move the wand around my 1st time we did it at 10 weeks it took about 30 min to find then once you get the hang of where the baby is it gets easier. It also depends on the kind of doppler you bought or rented i have an Elite Doppler with a digital readout and its the kind used in doctors offices. So some will pick up the h/b earlier than others. Good luck


beardtl - October 4

Thanks again for the info- that night i went home and it took DH and I about 45 minutes to find it and then we only heard it for about 15 sec before we lost it again- with all the pressing on my stomach the doppler also hears gas rumbles in your stomach. DH thought it was cute. But now i am an expert :) I found it within 15 sec this morning-but i had to keep up with him/her..he would move and then i would go to the left or right a little and there it was again, but i i figured out i have to have the volume up all the way b/c sometimes it gets very faint- the highest reading was at 172- who thought you would carry sooooo low. i was looking way to high up. It is awesome and soothing to hear it. Thanks again for your comments


ma1008 - October 5



Heidi E. - October 10

I wouldn't be worried if I were you. I wasn't able to hear my baby's heartbeat at 11 weeks either. I have a tilted uterus, so that may be part of the problem. I heard the heartbeat yesterday during a sonogram and all is well! Good luck!



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