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katelyn - October 22

okay, i went to the doctor a week ago (7w5d) and i heard the babys heartbeat on a doppler. so i ordered one and tried to use it last night and i cant find my babys heartbeat (8w5d). im really concerned. has anyone had this issue? do you think that maybe im going to miscarry? im so worried!


Tara - October 22

Dont worry I rented mine at 10.5 weeks and searched for 4 hour before finding it. Doctors usually have better dopplers then the ones that are approved for home use. I am now 13 weeks 5 days and sometimes can find it in seconds and other times it takes me 10 minutes. Your baby is still so small that it might be hard for your doppler to pick up its heartbeat, even at 12 weeks some hospital dopplers have a hard time. My friend was 17 weeks and doctor couldent find a heartbeat with doppler they gave her an ultrasound and baby was fine with strong heartbeat. If you get really stressed take your doppler to your doctors office and have them show you how to find it at least if they cant they can schedule an ultrasound to rea__sure you everything is ok. I know its hard, but dont get yourself too worried baby is so small and as it grows it will become easier. Tips make sure you have a full bladder and move very slowly also start in the middle above your pubic bone and point your doppler so its under your pelvis. I had a hard time because I didnt realize how it would sound since its so noisy in your tummy. When the doctor did it I knew it was baby, but finding heartbeat when thiers your own heartbeat there was hard at home. If you want to hear an 8 week old fetus heartbeat go to and they have heartbeat sounds, placenta and maternal bloodflow sounds and it helps you to distinguish between all the different sounds. Actually that sight has helped me figure out what I was looking for. I wish you the best of luck and let me know if you find it.



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