Dr Order Extra Ultrasound WHY

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ShoppingForTwo - November 17

Ok where do I begin. Hmm, ok so I have new insurance this pregnancy so when I called and tried to get an appointment with a perinatologist I was told that I couldn't just see a specialist because I thought I was high risk, and that I needed to see a regular ob/gyn and would have to get referred. Soooo, after them telling me the earliest appointment was more than a month away and a lot of drama I finally got to see an ob/gyn like 3 days later. He was nice, listened to my whole story, gave me a transva___al u/s, and gave me a referral to the top perinatologist. (I was 5 weeks-ish) Then I met my peri Nov. 15th, he agreed I was high risk, went over the game plan for this pregnancy, gave me another u/s and said everything looks great. OK HERE'S MY QUESTION. . . Today I got a phone call from the hospital's radiology department telling me that the ob/gyn order an ultrasound for me. . . . WTF? WHY? He's not even my doctor anymore, the perinatologist is over my care 100%. I asked the appointment setter WHY and she said she didn't know, I asked if something was wrong, she said she didn't know. She says its routine during pregnancy. I'm guess because Kaiser doesn't usually see their patients until 10-12 weeks and I demanded to go in at only 5 weeks, that he's ordering a u/s because he didn't really see anything? I guess he doesn't know he's not my doc anymore? I'm so confused! I called his office but they only answer the phone Monday- Friday! If you've made it this far, what should I think???


ShoppingForTwo - November 17

Oh yah, when I met with my perinatologist on Nov. 15th I was 7w1d. He gave me a picture and everything. He said everything looked great. What's up with the ob/gyn???


mjvdec01 - November 19

They probably made a mistake, and who ever communicates with the hospital didn't get the message that you were being reffered. It's just a mistake on their part. The specialist would know best. I wouldn't give it another thought. Good Luck!!!


ShoppingForTwo - November 19

Thanks so much mjvdec01!!!


kendra.marie - November 19

im a__suming your doctor didnt understand you would be switching doctors 100% so thats why. i bet just a mix up on there part dont worry babe.



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