Drank Alcohol Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

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Angie - February 16

I conceived on January 16 apparently by mistake (condom leaked) and only realized I was pregnant last week when I tested positive. I went to The Dominican for a week from Jan 22nd to the 30th, and drank A LOT! Usually just one or two drinks a day except on Friday and Saturday I had about 6 drinks. I'm really worried. Is there a way I can find out now if I'v done damage. Should I continue the pregnancy?


sara - February 17

You will be fine. Before I knew I was pregnant with my 1st child i drank too, and i didn't find out until 11 weeks. he came out healthy, i would suggest that you don't do anymore drinking tho. good luck


Jackie - February 17

I was told thatthe first two weeks before implantation, the fetus is not absorbing any nutrients from the mother. So you are probably fine and there are so many mothers out there who drink before they know they are pregnant-so congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy!


Maleficent - February 17

i wouldn't worry at all. i went to a christmas party just before we found out and was even so bold as to wave my drink around in front of my pregnant friends. lol. shame on me. but baby is doing fine. and of course i havent had a drink since.


Jackie R - February 17

That early on you should have no problems. The other Jackie is correct that at the first stages of conception the eggs hasn't even implanted yet. It's unlikely that what you where drinking at this time would effect your pregnancy. The baby's imb cord doesn't develope until the 8th week. There is nothing you can do about the past just be health now and know that eating/drinking health now is the best thing you can do. My husband is a Dr and said the the real damage is from mothers who drink consistantly during pregnancy especially in the later months.


stephanie - February 18

You shouldnt worry. I did too. I drink up on a more than normal occasion & then drank really hard on Feb 13 and on Feb 14 found out i was pg. I will probably be 8 wks on Sat but will know for sure after seeing the Dr. on Wed the 23rd. Oh.....I have'nt drank since :>) You really should'nt worry because if we had caused any damages we would not be prego still. I hope this helps.


Keep hoping - February 18

Dont consider aborting the pregnancy because you partied. Go see the doctor and watch what you eat and drink now. Be happy!! Maybe it was not expected and maybe you did not want to be pregnant, but it is a blessing. You are probably scared, but as hard as it will be, this a miracle for you to cherish. Make the most of it for your baby when he or she arrives, congrats!!!


Summer - March 7

I did the same thing. Can't really tell ya what to do, but try to be positive. I drank A LOT also. I'm scared to death.


Need Help - March 7

My wife is 14 weeks pregnant and is a recovering alcoholic. She has relapsed and while not drinking daily or very heavily (no more than 5 drinks) we are both concerned about the damage that may have been caused. She is otherwise in good health and is taking prenatal vitamins. Her 2 sonagrams to date have shown normal growth - although we know it is early. She will discuss with her o/b next week but is there anyone who can give us hope. She has stopped drinking again and is in a program. Thanks



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