Drank Too Much Alcohol

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Narelle - July 11

Before I knew I was pregnant I had 3 nights in a row of very heavy drinking. I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant at the time. I am really worried that this has casued some damage to the baby, my doctor didn't say too much when I told her, help anyone please


Rhonda - July 11

Some people seem to think a drink here and there throughout their pregnancy will not do any harm,but no one can say for certain b/c sometimes all it takes is one drink and the baby can be born with problems.Drinking during pregnancy can raise the risk of m/c and can cause bleeding in the womb.But it dont mean your child is going to have problems.Only time will tell.But if so you did not know you were pregnant,so try not to be to hard on your self.Some women can drink the whole pregnancy and the baby is born with no problems,while someone else may only have one drink while pregnant and the baby be born with afs.


Narelle - July 11

Thanks Rhonda, it's sure put me of alcohol now


Kelly S - July 12

hey, i am thirteen weeks pregnant and when i was four weeks , i went to my own 21st party and as im sure you can imagine didnt go light on the alcohol. my doctor says binge drinking wont hurt the baby , constant drinking will, definately put me off alcohol too lol


AllEyesOnMe - July 12

well my sister drank probably twice when she was pregnant with my nephew and when he was born he had neurological defects.Her baby dr said it was due to those few drinks she had.He also had a much smaller head due to it.So ya just a few drinks can cause damage.


marylou - July 12

Narelle - Hopefully this will ease your mind as it has mine... the placenta doesn't take over until around the 6th or 7th week so your baby doesn't get much of anything from you before then, which is also why you don't get too much morning sickness until week 6 or so too. This was great news to me since I had a few cosmos with my first pg - he is just amazing.... and also with this one - 9w6d and counting. I wound't lose another minute of sleep over it. Good luck.


soimpatient - July 12

Alleyesonme...when did your sister have those drinks? I heard that the most crucial time for fetal development is between week 6 and 13 which goes along with what marylou said.


marylou - July 12

not to stir the pot... i'm just stating the facts... a lot of times when women admit to smoking 1 pack a day it is usually 2 or more per day.. the same goes for women who did some mild to moderate recreational drugs during pregnancy or took teratogenic antibiotics, etc - these women tend to tell their doctors it was only a few drinks on occasion - anybody get what I am saying? I just want to put it out there.


krc - July 12

i didn't know I was pregnant until I was 5 -6 weeks along. And im not trying to fool anyone. I was drinking HEAVILY almost daily, liquer and beer, I also did some recreational drugs along with chan smoking a pack a day. Of course I quit everything when I found out and you could imagine my paranoia on if I damaged my baby. But like marylou said the baby really doesn't get anything from you until the placenta has matured around 6-7 weeks. Thats around the time when most mothers find out they're pregnant which works out good because it gives us a chance to stop any bad habits before were risking our babys health.


AllEyesOnMe - July 12

Man,i dont know how far along she was but she says it was just one time of drinking alcohol and had several drinks.I did not see her on a daily basis so i dont know what she did or how often.



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