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shannon5980 - July 15

I was just wondering if anybody had dreams of what they were having and found it out to be true? I really really want another little girl and the other night i had a dream that i had a little girl. I think i dreamt it because i want one so bad what do you think?


disneyluv - July 16

This is my fifth pregnancy, with my other four I dreamed of each one and what they were, they all came out the same as in my dreams. With this one I am also dreaming, i'm only 9 weeks and i'm dreaming of a boy. I hope so, and I hope your dreams work for you! Update me when you find out!


shannon5980 - July 16

thanks for you reply disneyluv. I would love it if my dream game true. That is really neat that you had dreams with your other pregnancy. This is my Fourth pregnancy i never had any dreams about the s_x of the baby with mine...(ones that i can remember anyyways. I due feb 17th how about you?


disneyluv - July 16

Cool,, my due date is Feb. 20th! My first dr. apt. is tuesday. It took us 8 years to get pregnant again. We always wanted alot of children. Are you having alot of morning sickness? Or exhaustion?


shannon5980 - July 19

i am very exhausted. I have a lot of nausea but no actual vomiting..(thank god). I mostly feel it all in the afternoons and evenings. So what do you have for children boys girls? I have 1 girl and 2 boys. I had my first real visit with the doctor on monday. we heard the heart beat for a second but then our baby was hiding on us, so the doctor brought in the ultrasound machine and let us see our baby...it was great...we even got pictures.


crystal74 - July 19

i dreamed before i was pregnant that i had a baby girl but now i just have crazy dreams. boy's run in my dh's family so everyone swears it's going to be a boy. man i hope there all wrong. that would be so funny


disneyluv - July 20

Hi! I am also exhausted, sick to my stomach without the tossing it part as well. The heat is NOT helping it at all. I have 3 girls and one boy. We are hoping for another boy, but will of course love either! Goodness. I did not get to see the doctor this time, just a physical and they changed my due date to the 19th of Feb. I go back next wed. to see the doctor and ultrasound. I am only 9 1/2 weeks and look HUGE. Cool about your ultrasound shannon! Looking forward to mine as well. Hey crystal when are you due?


Cinders28 - July 20

OK this is weird. Last night i had a dream that i had a baby. I dreamt of the labour and delivery, then went to look at the s_x and it was neither boy nor girl. There was a deformity. I dreamt that we had to do tests on the baby to determine the s_x. It was so weird. I put it down to feeling anxious about finding out the s_x. Has anyone had weird dreams like that????


shannon5980 - July 20

wow, that must of been one crazy dream Cinders. Im sure people have weird dreams like that all the time. I havent had any dreams that I can remember lately.


mama4_3 - July 28

shannon, you might want to google those chinese gender prediction calendars. I have two other children and it was right with both- it was also right with my mom, my grandmothers, aunties, and my coworkers. I had a dream that this one was a boy- and thats what the calendar said- Try it just for fun


angie817 - August 7

i had a dream the other night that i had a boy - which i hope may be true....but i also dreamt that i gave birth to the ugliest baby ever!!! everyone in my dream kept stopping me on the street to comment on what a pretty baby i had, and i kept saying - no its not! hes ugly!!!....i really hope that part was only in my dreams:)


baby1forme - August 8

Ok... what do you ladies think. When I first found out i was preggo I had a few deformed fetus nightmares. That went away quickly and now I have no baby dreams whatsoever. Anyone else having baby free dreams?



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