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Brianna - August 31

Hey yall, I was just wondering if any of you that are or were pregnant ever had very weird dreams. I know i have. Like the other night I dreamt that I was having s_x with freddy kruger! UGH!!! I was even enjoying it. Then last night I dreamt that i went in a clinic and the lady gave me an abortion. I was so disgusted b/c I would never in my life even consider that. I have dreams of having c-sections with a little boy coming out but I really want a girl, so ya. Please respond anyone else having weird dreams. THX!


April - August 30

I can say that my dreams arent exactly the norm lately. But they are most about what I fear most and about babies! Go figure. As for having weird dreams about freddy kruger.. maybe it was something you ate before bed?? I know if you eat things like pickles.. stuff like that before bed they say you can have crazy dreams... but than again.. that could be a myth right?? I know if I eat something strong or ALOT of something before I go to bed I have weird dreams and I remember them in the morning which is also not normal.


Dezzy - August 31

Yep, the past couple weeks I've been having strange, off the wall dreams. When I wake up I wonder where it came from. I thought it was just me.


cada - August 31

My dreams are totally nuts. I dreamt that I was having a miscarriage and that was awful. Other then that they've been really s_xual and not often with my husband, though I tell him that they are.


April - August 31

aaha Im the same.. just lastnight I had a s_xual dream... but it wasnt with my boyfriend...sssshhhhh. Seems my dreams get more weird as time pa__ses. Wish I could sleep all thru the night tho. Gotta get up twice in the night now to go pee! Gesh when does the peeing stopppppp.


Jill - November 3

12 weeks preg, and having the most weirdest dreams. I laugh because they are so outrageous. I think it is part of the being pregnant club. I had 2 dreams where i had the baby and it turned into a cat<---- talk about weird.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 3

Yes I have been having weird dreams....I had one this am...about not having hydro or running water and not believing it so I went to load laundry fillled the machine and when I cam eback somebody else already put their clothes in.. then I looked across the street and watched some lady put weed killer on the long plants that were growing in the middle of the road.. she yelled at me because apparnately it was my idea LOL


jenn - November 4

I've had three dreams about a baby since I've been pregnant. Each time the baby was a girl. Do you think that means anything ? Do pregnant moms have some type of subconcious intuition?


Eva - November 12

I have also had three distinct dreams in the past couple of weeks, each about a baby boy, and in each dream the baby is a little older. I would also love to know if other people have had this experience, and what was the outcome?


lily - November 15

I am not sure if I am pregnant or not but for the past few nights I have had a a dream that the baby girl I babysit was sleeping at the end of my bed (she is only 6 months old) so I go down at the end of the bed and hold what I think is her and when I realize what I am doing I turn on the light and it is my cat. Or I wake my husband up and say he is sleeping on the baby and I keep trying to push him over that has happened for the past few nights if not more. I know there are more dreams but I do not remember them like i do this one.


Deron - November 16

I dreamt i had twin boys and it was such a bother. I would like one child now a boy preferably.


W - November 16

Yes i to ohave been having so many weird dreams, i dreamt that i didnt know who the father of my baby was, yet i am married had to look at my hubby twice. Also had dream that i came on my periods and was painful and then had a dream that my sister was miscarrying and she isnt even pregnant. I feel am going mad!! LOL!


Heather - November 16

Well, now I know that i am not alone! One weird dream after another..so vivid as well. I never remembered so many dreams before pregnancy!


amber - November 16

one of my biggest complains... the majority of my pregnancy, i have had screwed up dreams and some really bad nightmares. its normal.....


lilmama - November 27

With my first baby i had several dreams before I found out I was pregnant that I went throught the whole birth process and had a baby boy. Well, turns out I had a boy! A lot of pregnant wemon experience weird dreams, obviously, look at all the replys here! lol. A lot of wemon will experience dreams about exboyfriends and their life before pregnancy.


em - December 1

I had a wierd dream last night and now its bringing on morning sickness. I had a dream that i ordered a special yogurt from a lady who makes it. It is chicken yogurt, it tastes like chicken and it has feathers in it???WTF


jenny - December 1

Mmmmm chicken yoghurt!!



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