Dropped Book On My Stomatch

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krish - November 12

Yesterday, I completed 7th week and entered 8th week of pregnancy. Yesterday night, I was lying down and dropped book on my stomach. I did not feel any pain or nothing happened after that to my stomach. But, I am worried how will it effect my baby.Please respond. I have first pre-natal appointment this friday.Do I need to tell to doctor?


newlywed0915 - November 12

have you had any bleeding or cramping? was it a heavy heavy book? I wouldn't worry too much. If you didn't have any pain or blood following, you should be okay. But I'm not a doctor. However, I would be jsut as concerned and totally understand. To settle your worry, just call the docs office and tell them what happened. A nurse can tell you itf its a cause for concern.


kay101 - November 12

You baby is safely protected in a sac of fluid. At 8 weeks your uterus is still very low, not much above your bikini line. You probably dropped the book higher up than that.


krish - November 12

It is the book 'What you expect when you are expecting'. And the corner of the book dropped on me and I quickly taken out. Book dropped on my stomach but I am sure that it is above the bikini line. I talked to my husband and he was telling that it's nothing and he wants me not to worry about anything. I have this friday appointment and yesterday, I completed 7 weeks.Do I really need to call docs office? I am already showing up and I do not have any kind of sickness from the starting of pregnancy. Sometimes, I just have dizzy feeling, but not much. After this book incident, I am worrying too much, other wise, I am not able to see any difference.Please let me know whether do I really need to see doctor.


sarah21 - November 12

You can't hurt your baby through your belly with a book. Women have fallen flat on their stomach late in their pregnancy and have delivered healthy babies. It's no big deal.


newlywed0915 - November 12

dizziness is normal. You're just a worrying mommy, and its normal to want to make sure everything is okay. :-) . Going IN isn't necessary, especially since you havent had bleeding or cramping. That book isn't very heavy at all. I think you're okay. You don't need to go in and see the doctor, but if you want, just call the office, and let them know what happened, and they can put your mind at ease. Otherwise, I think you're okay. Just go buy your favorite pint of ice cream and relax. :-) you'll see the doc on Friday!:-)


EricaG - November 13

You don't need to worry at all. The baby is tucked safely behind your strong pubic bone at this point. I have a 16 month old and she is constantly getting me in the stomach, wether it's her stepping on my stomach, kicking it, ddropping something on it, etc. And we just heard a strong heartbeat yesterday at 12 weeks. If a book could harm a baby in utero then there wouldn't be very many people in this world. A friend of mine got into a car accident a few weeks ago. She was 25 weeks pregnant. She hit a car going 55 miles per hour, she broke her ankle on one leg, tibia and fibula on the other leg, and both of her pinkies. The baby, however, is absolutely fine. A book, isn't going to do anything.



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