Drugs And Pregnancy

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emma - February 23

I used Ecstasy before i knew i was pregnant now im 8wks and 2days... and due for an abortion on friday 25th of february... this is not something i want to do biut fear the damage to my unborn child. and the fact that the babys father could be 1 of 2 ex's. So im been forced to do something i don't want to do . I do not want to be left alone holding child no 3. Im 31yrs of age and thropu my own stupidty i screwed up ! does anyone know the damage that could have been done ?


Jackie R - February 23

Emma- If you don't want to do this than don't. Very early in pregnancy the new fetus is just dividing cells and isn't even done implanted into your uterus until around your 6th week of pregnancy. The unbilical cord doesn't start to form until your 8th week and isn't compltere till around your 10th. So what I'm trying to say is that there is a chnace that the X could effect your pregnancy but the chances are more likely that it will not since at this ealry of a stage your developing fetus is very self contianed. Drugs and drinking have much harsher effects later in pregnancy. Please talk to a Doctor about your concerns as they can give you better advice. But if your real concern is not the drugs and is not knowing the farther you can get paternity tests done - I think you can even do this while pregnant. You can ask your doctor abut that also. But I support a woman's chioce to do what is right for herself. What concerns me abut your post is it sounds like you don't know what you want and are ruching to make a decision. Take a breath and do what is in your heart. Good luck and take care.


heather - February 23

wow you really are dumb.. 31 years old and doing ecstasy while you already have children.. hmmm you're no better than the friends i dropped in high school for becoming Etards


candy - February 23

to heather, now im not saying that what she did was right - i am very against anybody abusing any types of drugs for any reasons at any time in their life- but i dont think she really needs your criticism. especially not calling her dumb. that doesn't help anyone and it is very disrespectful. she admits that the screwed up and is asking a legitimate question. you have the right to post your opinion i just dont think that was very nice of you to insult her. that is just uncalled for., but any who, i agree with what jackie r said. consult a doctor and follow your heart about the abortion. i dont really think abortion is right in general, but its your body and nobody knows about ur situation better than you do. you just have to make whatever decision you feel that you will be able to live with because what ever your decision you have to live with it. good luck


W1 - February 23

I am not going to judge you at all... horrible decision to make, however I don't understand why you are asking about the damage to the baby if you are having an abortion?????? doesn't make sense to me..


jeremy - September 8

would you ever have another baby ever



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