Dry Lips Low Folic Acid

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Nadine - April 5

Hi! 9w/2d and have always had dry lips!! Does anyone think this means I need to be concerned about my folic acid levels? The internet can be brutal when you tend to worry...


Carol - April 5

No, my lips are dry too and my mouth gets dry at night - lovely cycle, have to pee and then drink water and then I have to pee again! Don't worry. If you haven't seen a doctor yet, you can get prenatal vitamins at Walmart. I told my doctor I was taking those and she said ti was fine and not to switch to the prescription ones if they were working for me and not making me sick. Also - don't worry so much about the cleaning thing - just make sure you keep the door open and there is enough ventilation


Nadine - April 5

Thanks Carol!! Only I will worry until I know not too--when is that? Gosh!


Livvie - April 5

Carol...how far along are you? I test in a week and a half...I have some symptoms namely dry mouth at night even though I drink a lot of water at that time to ease this problem(then come bathroom visits) and my lips are very dry, namely at night also. I put lip moisturizer on frequently now and it feels as if my lips suck it right in and are dry again shortly there after. I didnt think much of this but if you are preggers and this is a symptom of it, then it only adds to my list.


J - April 5

With all other stuff to worry about, i wouldn't sweat this one too much. My lips get dry, but the early morning cotton mouth is worse.


Carol - April 5

When I first found out, I worried about everything, and then I realized I was worrying about EVERYTHING - I finally got sick of it. I was stressing myself out worrying which is worse for the baby then anything else. When I first went to the doctor, I had a whole list of things I was worried about - down to eating a turkey sandwich. She just laughed and said it was fine - the main thing is to not do something that "could" be harmful all the time. A lot of the advice has no proof, just speculation. So, I stopped worrying and put the bacon bits on my salad if I wanted to even though the have trace amounts of nitrates in them. It will be okay! I don't think there has ever been a case of a child born with birth defects because the mother ate bacon or cleaned her house as normal. Bottom line - your panic will pa__s - just try to remain focused and calm those crazy preganancy hormones! Best of luck!


Nadine - April 5

Carol--When are you due? Me--Nov. 6th!


S - April 6

Sore or cracked lips can mean a deficiency in vitamin C. =)


Carol - April 6

Nadine - I am due November 24 - a Thanksgiving Baby. So, I am not quite as far along as you, but I have known since I was three weeks pg which has given me plenty of time to adjust. I am just ready to go do some shopping!


Nadine - April 6

Awww...have fun Carol!


Livvie - April 6

J-and everyone else....today I woke up and my mouth was so dry it hurt (is this what was meant with the term "cotton mouth"?) and every time I put lip moisturizer on it sucks it up right away...and for some reason this seems to happen right before bed time. I do drink OJ each day, so I dunno bout the vitamin C thing...how r u doing with this Carol? Is this s ymptoms of PG...cause I never really heard about this...Thanks so much.


carol - April 6

I am not really sure if this is a pg sign or not. I just know that I have a dry mouth everytime I get up to go to the bathroom and (sorry yucky) my nose is always dry and has dried....well you know. I have to b__w it everytime I get up. I think it is because you don't drink while you are asleep, and your peeing a lot so your body is getting dehydrated. I try to take a small drink when I get up. Just enough to wet my mouth, but not enuogh to make me get up to pee anymore! Last night I tried not drinkng anything after 7:00 and it helped a little. I only got up twice.



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