Due 5th Of Sep 2005

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Sarah - February 2

I just wanted to say hi and get to know some people who are due around the same time as i am. I dont know anyone who is pregnant at the moment and as supportive as my family is i want to talk to someone who is going through it now! please email me at [email protected]


Beth - February 3

Hi Sarah, My original due date was Sept. 5, but as of yesterday the dr pushed it up 6 days to Aug.31, I guess I was a little farther along then he thought. But its not to far away from yours!!


Amy - February 3

I am due Aug 19...


Lilu - February 3

I'm due Sept 19th. I have my 1st appt. on Feb. 9so I'm anxious. The past couple weeks I've lost my appet_te and have queeziness constantly. I'm not vomiting... thank god, but it's like I have a constant upset stomach. It's gotten better though. I think now I feel more nausus when I get hungry. So it's like my body is telling me I need to eat. But again... I only eat alittle and anymore I never know what I'm in the mood for. NO CRAVING:( I guess soon I will have a desire for food again. Also... what's wierd is that I have problems sleeping at night. I wake up many times throughout the night. I never used to be like that. So we'll see as the time goes on. Keep me posted I'm always interested.


Beth - February 3

oohhh Lilu. I was JUST like that, I sleep fine now, except for waking up to use the restroom alot, but before when I was between 5-8 1/2 wks pg I could not sleep for anything, I would toos and turn and I would tell my fiance that I wanted the bed to myself, ha ha .. but that didn't work either. . .its just part of the pregnancy I guess!! And I was never really THAT queay, but I did have a loss of appet_te, and nothing sounded good, and if I did take a bite I would stop because it was grose! :0)


jen d. - February 3

hi everyone. i'm due september 18th. and i was cruising along the first 8 weeks just fine...just really tired, bloated, and ga__sy!!!but then, week nine hit and i feel sick all the time! i'm not vomiting either, but i feel like i could most of the day! and i was craving everything before, but now, nothing sounds good or tastes really good. i'm forcing myself to eat healthy foods. and i don't know if this is part of it, but my mouth is producing a ton of saliva...and i'm thirsty all of the time! as far as sleeping, well that's really all my body wants to do...but like you, i toss and turn and wake up several times a night...with bizarre vivid dreams! all part of the process i guess!!! i just hope the upset stomach doesn't last for too long...it's really wearing me out!


teresa - February 4

Hey i was originally due Sept 5 but now i am due Sept 3.. good luck!!


Ruthie - February 8

I'm due on the 6th September....can't wait! I'm so excited! I go for my first scan on 23rd February and I'm praying that everything will be alright. When's your first scan? Does it seem to you that the first trimester is REALLY dragging along because you're so anxious to be sure the baby's fine and tell all of your friends and family?! Will keep you posted xgood luck to allx


Mandy - February 8

Hi everyone , the doctor said my due date is Sept. 23 but I thought I was further along , my lmp was 11/28, but i have had 3 us , the last was jan 28 and they dated me 6w so I go Friday for another us..They haven't heard hb yet..... When was all of you lmp? Thanks


Beth - February 8

Hi Mandy, my LMP was Nov 28 also, firs tthe dr gave me the date of Sept 5, and last time I went back he said I was a week farther along then he thought and now my due date is Aug.31!


Mandy - February 8

Beth, I hope I just didn't ovulate until late, but I must say I am pretty worried about a missed abortion... Find out Friday


Beth - February 8

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything is good news on Friday! I hope you just did not ovulate until later either! Please keep us up to date!! **sending good luck**


Michelle - February 9

Aug 23rd. Congrats to all. I have been remarkably lucky. Only only had about 3weeks of nauzia, 2 weeks of feeling tired, and for the last 2 weeks sleeping trouble (does anyone else have trouble sleeping so early in the pregnancy?) Going to hear the heartbeat for the first time today (Canada must do it later...I'm in my 13th week)...wish me luck!


Heather - February 10

I'm also due the fifth of september!!


amari - February 10

well' we're due the same month. :) i'm the 24th of september


Mandy - February 10

Amari, when was you lmp ...I'm due on Sept 23 ,but my lmp was 11/28..Confused and scared


teresa - February 10

my last lmp was 11/28.. im confused... that was the first day of my period.. I am due Sept 5 and then they changed it to sept 3.. I am just wondering why everyone has such wide spread due dates if they are based on the lmp.



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