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Sherry - March 24

Anyone else due on or around OCTOBER 7!!


penny - March 24

Yep I'm due October 4th (at least that's what the doctor's sticking to) however per my US it's October 7th. :) Today is 12 weeks, and I'm finally feeling a little better........as long as I keep eating ;)


Janey - March 24

I am due October 6th!! SO excited!!


Sherry - March 24

Penny you are just like me I am 12 weeks today I am so excited I heard my baby's heartbeat on Tuesday that little buddle was going fast 156 was the heartbeat probably because I was nervous this is my first baby! Congrats to everyone!!!


penny - March 24

I haven't heard the HB yet, tomorrow I have another Dr.'s appt, so hopefully then. :) (this is my 3rd)


KIM - March 24



Sherry - March 24

So Penny me and you conceived on or around the same date, my boyfriend is so excited I know I can't wait until some of these symtoms go away terrible, but I normally only throw up at night. I can't wait to find out what I am having...


penny - March 24

So Sherry, when are you figuring that you conceived? As old as I am Im not very smart on this subject.:)...even after having 2 kids........Heck 10 years ago they didn't have forums like this........did they?? if they did I didn't know about it :)


Sherry - March 25

Penny I say I conceived on Jan 12 or 13th for sure because I guess I know when I am ovulating, I have been monitoring this for like 6 mos. my boyfriend has been trying to get my pregnant for a while I so I have been caculating every month, but I probably would of been pregnant if he would of had s_x with me the times I was ovulating, but then again I think my cycle was a little off track I had to use Ovulex and only did for three weeks boom I am pregnant..... Sounds like a miracle, but the stuff works.


penny - March 25

You make me laugh!! Well I'm happy for you, so we'll be around together for awhile anyway!!



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