Due Dates

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Patience2008 - February 13

So my doctors office does not allow u/s until 18-20 weeks unless you are high risk (im not) or you dont know the date of you lmp. Which I already told them I do. I do however have a card Im wondering if you all think I could play. I never have regular perids, they can run anywhere from 28-37 days apart. So the 28 day due date really doesnt apply when I could be due a whole week or more later. Has anyone else ever had to get an u/s for this reason? Im just anxious to be sure my little one is ok.


laupack - February 13

i went to the dr on monday and they don't do ultra sounds until 19 weeks, too! it totally bummed me out :(


Patience2008 - February 13

Why are they so stingy? How far along are you laupack?


amysophie - February 14

Hi Ladies, im so sorry for you guys having to wait for an U/S !! i am going to a charity run hospital thats only for pregnancy and delivery and the doctor does a U/S everytime i see him whichhas been about 4 times, since week 5. and i am week 9 now and already have a photo( but not alot to see though!) lol


gabbysally - February 14

wow, they really do it differently in different parts of the country! I live in NY and I get an ultrasound at every visit - I've seen babe 4 times already. I can totally see your frustration and your wanting to see the baby! totally try that, it can't hurt!!!!


Nita_ - February 14

wow!! not until week 20? that sucks! Luckily my office always seems to do an u/s around 6-8weeks..Thats what they did for my 1st and now with my 2nd I go in on the 25th. This time around though, I have NO CLUE as to what my LMP was..who can keep track of them, when you have a 19month old to take care of! Anycase, I feel sorry for you and hope all is going well with you and the baby! But am sure the 20week u/s is much better than what you see(or barely see!) at 8weeks!



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