Due Dec 20th

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Kathy - April 21

Hi.. I just got my BFP due Dec 20th.. anyone eles??


Danielle - April 21

I am not due the 20th but i am due the 3rd of dec. R u exited. I am.


Brandi - April 21

Im also due the 3rd of Dec. Im excited but sick all the time.


Kim - April 21

I'm due December 5th !! Super-excited but hate the nausea & headaches :(


Brandi - April 21

I know Kim. I work full time and it is so hard. Something that I just did everyday is the hardest thing I feel I have to do at this time. Im always tired and nausea is with me all the time. I cant wait till the first trimester is over, my mind will be at ease and sickness will (I hope) be gone or alot better.


Jill - April 21

Yep, me too... Lmp was 17th of March..... How you feeling? I have little ms and sore bbs. That's it, but symptoms are increasing slowly...


Kyla - April 21

well i'm due on xmas day...dec. 25 :) i'm very excited!! congrats to you all on your wonderful discovery!!


Kathy - April 21

Hi everyone.. I am so tired right now, I haven't been sick just plain tired.. Is this the first for anyone. This will be my second


ft - April 21

i'm due dec 7th. have any of you guys had strong preg. symptoms and then they have toned down but not completely dissapeared?


Ammie - April 22

Hello ladies, I'm due December 24th. This will be my fourth baby. I have 3 boys. I am starting to feel the nausea and I dread that. I was sick all day long, all the way through my other pregnancies. A little tired, but just trying to rest lots. We are excited, and we aren't telling many people yet, not many people understand why we want a big family. Ammie


Kathy - April 22

Ft- Symptoms will come in go so don't stress if they go away or change. The heartburn is killing me and I am doing a double today at work.. I can tell you those aren't going to be two common the next couple of weeks just two tired.. Ammie- I think it is great to have a big family. You must have a ton of patience to have three boys and another baby on the way... how old are your boys?


Amanda - April 22

I saw the doc the first time Wednesday and she guestimated my due date to be Dec. 21st. I go for an ultrasound in 2 weeks to firm up that date. I'm excited, but nervous about the long nine months! First time and it seems scary. I wish I could fast forward to November! No sickness yet, just sore b___sts. Thank God for that!


julz - April 23

I am due on the 20th which happens to be my daughters birthday. I have 4 children now 3 girls and a boy. The youngest being 6 months.


Kathy - April 24

How is everyone doing today???? I am tired (shock) and really wish I was not working right now..


Brandy - April 24

Hey guys. I just got my BFP 4/21. LMP was 3/21. I see my doctor 5/11 but guestimating around 12/28. Does that sound right to anyone? Not really having too many symptoms yet except heartburn and fatigue. I know my time is yet to come (but it is so worth it). This is my first and my husband and I are SOOOO excited. How's everyone doing?


TCM - April 24

My LMP was 12 March so I guess I am due about 19 Dec. Nice to be in touch with others in exactly the same boat ....


Kathy - April 25

Brandy-That sounds about right you can find out right on this web site. In the search put in calculate due date and it will tell you.



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