Due Dec 5th Teaching Remedies

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fernanda - May 19

Hi everybody. I am 11wks 3days and am wondering whether any of you out there are teachers. I teach kindergarten and have struggling days with nausea and sleepiness!! I wish I could be in bed till the end of this first trimester and secondly, I hope that gaining your energy back in the second trimester is TRUE!!! :) Has anybody got any advice about dealing with these things in the classroom?....


Adr - May 21

I know what you mean Im 10w 4d and am a middle school teacher. the good news is summer vaca. is just a few weeks away. It is a struggle though. What i did was i told my kids so that if i ever had to run out of cla__s or they saw that I'm exhausted look on my face the y would take it easy on me. Hope this helps!


rudy - May 21

i am not a teacher but a receptionist and am having difficulty dealing with this as sometimes the people around can be demanding.... my grace levels are being tested to an extreme as i feel nausous all day long..... i wish the same for me....that i could just curl up and sleep until the first trimester is over....mmmmm sorry i do not have much to suggest as i am struggling with the same thing but wanted you to know i can relate.


Kimmy - May 22

Hi all, this actually doesnt have anything to do with this thread other than the fact that i am also due on the 5th of december, so i just wanted to say hi and ask you all how you are feeling. I am a stay-at-home soon-to-be mom who is just staying home preparing for the baby, and enjoying my pregnancy :)


Hanna - May 23

I'm a teacher too and only in my 6th week, but the tiredness has really kicked in since Thursday. I honestly don't know how I'll cope this week.. I pretty much long for my bed all day long.. Good luck to you all! Any advice is welcome!


Brooke - May 23

I am a kindergarten teacher too. I am only 5 weeks along, and my symptoms haven't been too bad, but I am so tired, and you know how the children already wear you out to begin with. The one thing I am very excited for is the summer! I will be going back next year, but only till Christmas. Of course I havn't told my principal yet. Are you going to continue working after you have the baby?



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