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ninaatk - May 15

Hey everyone, Im 22, 11 weeks pregnant and Huge might I add. This is my first baby and I couldnt be happier! Im looking for someone who is also around my age and has a due date some time around mine. It would be really nice to have someone I can e-mail and chat with on msn about all theses new changes that pregnancy is bringing to my life!!!


cangirl - May 15

hi ninaatk i am also 11 weeks preg i am 25 and this is my first baby too and i look huge to imfact i have complete strangers tell me i look four months pregnant all the time and when i tell them i am due in november they look at me funny and say no really when are you due


cangirl - May 15

if you like you email me you can do so my email is [email protected]


cangirl - May 15

my mom is convince i am having twins but i don;t know i have an ultrasound in weeks for 12 week check up mind you i will be 13 weeks then but would be kinds cool if i am having twins


ElizabethAnn - May 15

hiya ninaatk!!! I'm 23 years old and due Nov 21st!! Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!! We are soo excited! this is our first too!!! Hope everything is going great!!!! My email is [email protected], i also have msn messanger, but i can get my computer to let it work right now, I do have an Aim screen name though its Miidniight47.. HAPPY PREGNANCY!!


ninaatk - May 15

Hello Ladies!! I am so excited to hear from both of you I will e-mail you asap!! I an so pumped to talk to other ladies in my age going through the same stuff!!!!


pinkrox87 - May 16

hey, im 18 and due on the 8th of december and expecting twins. these will be my first so im really excited and scared too. my email is [email protected]


cangirl - May 16

hey pinkrox87 twins wow how did you feel the first time you found out were you scared or excited i will found out in two if i am twins or not


abercrombie08 - May 16

Hey! I just signed up! I am 18, and 10 weeks pregnant today. This is my first baby, and I am expecting baby to arrive December 12th. My first prenatal appointment is next Monday, the 22nd of May. I am excited, and so is Daddy to be!!


cangirl - May 16

congrats abercrombie08 on your pregnancy what do u want boy or girl


lexy - May 16

Hi! I am 24 and this is my 2nd child. I am 11 1/2 weeks along, and I am due dec 1. It is good to know that there are a lot of babies due around the same time. Congratulations to all!


abercrombie08 - May 17

I hope to have a boy! But a few more weeks until i find out for sure! thank goodness for no naesea this morning!!


cangirl - May 17

it doesn't matter to me wheather i have a boy or girl but hubby of course would like a boy


flower.momma - May 17

Hey, I am due on the 7th. It is funny because my daughter was born on the 16th, she will be 2 when baby #2 is born. My husband and I had been trying for months, we were doing everything right, I had I little O calendar going on and everything. Then in March we decided to use condoms to avoid even more holiday stress, but we got pregnant anyway. When I found out I just laughed and laughed. Who, all here is a second time parent? How are you dealing with the stress of pregnancy and a little one running around?


lexy - May 17

I am a second time parent and I just finished up my semester at college, plus have a 5 yr old. stress is starting to go away now, just need some more energy.


khanna - May 20

Hi ninaatk!! I'm 25 years old my first pregnancy also due Dec 9. I'm starting my 12 weeks and I swear I already felt my baby flying in there like a little b___terfly. My nausa is gone now, but it was not too bad compare to alot of girl out there. My belly is huge some people tells me I look like 4 or 5 months pregnant. Maybe Twins????don't know yet having my first appointment with OB June 5. Already my fingers are showlen I had to take my wedding rings out. My e-mail MSN is [email protected] .



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