Due Feb 18 Or 19th Want To Wait

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RMC - June 19

I'm due on the 18th or 19th of February, keep getting conflicting dates. Just wanting to meet others due around the same time to see if anyone else wants to wait.


dedaa - June 20

Well that is what my doctor said to me aswell but I am just going with the 19th. I went overdue with my last one and from the day I hit my due date one I was miserable so I figure the further they push it away this time the better so that way I don`t go through the same thing. I already have two boys one is 5 and the other is 7 months old. Is this your first pregnancy?


RMC - June 21

No, this is actually my fourth. I have 3 boys already that are 6,7, & 8. So are you hoping for a girl, too?


dedaa - June 21

Oh yes hoping but does not matter much I think it would also be fun to give my youngest a little brother to play with. It is pretty funny how this works my mom had all girls there is 4 of us then here I am just having boys.


RMC - June 21

Yeah, I'm hoping too, but will be happy either way. I'm just so excited to have a baby coming into the house again after so long. February seems sooo far away.


dedaa - June 22

Oh I know Febuary seems like an eternity away but hopefully we can keep in contact the whole time and be able to compare. Yeah it is fun to have a baby around it was a gap between my oldest and my new one when I brought him home but when this one is born he will still be small so that should be fun. Are youre boys excited about being big brothers? My oldest thinks I am giving Isaac a friend. He is too cute. Sometimes he can say some pretty embara__sing things though. Did you go through that? I think almost every parent does.


Zo - June 22

hello I'm due 16th feb..Terrified..Its my fourth but had 2 complicated delivers xxx


JenniferRose - June 23

Hey im due Feb. 19th, and keep getting the same thing.


DownbutnotOUT - June 24

hey all Im due Feb. 21 yay!


shannon5980 - June 24

Hello everyone. I am due feb 17th. This is my fourth pregnancy. My oldest is a girl and then i have 2 boys. I am also hoping for another girl so can even it out 2 and 2. but of course i will be happy with either s_x.


dedaa - June 24

Well hello to everyone that joined us this should be fun. I just started two days ago with sore b___bs and morning sickness the last couple days the first time I eat in the day I want to throw it up right afterwards which sucks. I was in the middle of trying to change my baby yesterday I had to tell dad to take over so I could run to the bathroom, i have not actually thrown up yet but the feeling Im going to is so digusting. How is everyone else feeling?


Suzy0117 - June 24

I was told I'm due the 16th, but I think I'm actually due a few days later since I ovulated about 4 days late. I'm getting another ultrasound on Monday, so maybe they'll be able to pinpoint it a little better then!


RMC - June 25

Hey all - well, I got a call from my OB on Friday, and apparently my hcg levels are low & in my ultrasound, the baby was measuring smaller than the 5 weeks I should have been at the time. Have to go back tomorrow & hope there is some changes, or else I have a problem ): So I'm pretty upset about this, because I had no problems in my previous 3 pregnancies.


DownbutnotOUT - June 25

RMC try not to stress to much and I am praying for the best! I am seeing my doctor on Monday because I am having some brown spotting, only when I wipe (sorry TMI). There is no cramping nothing and last night after I ate I was so sick I had to lay down. So pregnancy symptons are still going strong. take care and RMC Im crossing everything for you! XoX


RMC - June 25

Thanks so much! I have been having brown spotting for 2 weeks now, which was initially why I got the extra bloodwork & an ultrasound done. I'm not having any cramping or pain either - but I've got my fingers crossed too, for both of us.


shannon5980 - June 26

RMC, I hope everything works out for you. And downbutnotout is right try not to stress (even tho better said then done) because stress is not good for you or your baby. i am crossing my fingers for you also that everything works out good. this to is my fourth pregnancy. I have been feeling pretty c___py. I have to force food in me other wise i would just not even eat. My doctor put me on nausea pills because it has been that bad. i dont remember it ever being like that for my other children. Oh well it goes to show that every pregnancy is different. How is everybody else feeling? My next doctor appointment is the 14th of july. We are hoping we will be able to hear the babys heart beat.


RMC - June 26

Thank ya'll so much for keeping your fingers crossed! At the ultrasound, I got to see the baby's heartbeat, and the doctor's office called and said my HCG levels are rising well, so all is good. My next appointment is July 17, can't wait. How's it going for everyone else? Shannon5980, sorry to hear about your nausea. I hope it gets better.



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