Due Feb 18 Or 19th Want To Wait

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RMC - June 26

Thank ya'll so much for keeping your fingers crossed! At the ultrasound, I got to see the baby's heartbeat, and the doctor's office called and said my HCG levels are rising well, so all is good. My next appointment is July 17, can't wait. How's it going for everyone else? Shannon5980, sorry to hear about your nausea. I hope it gets better.


Suzy0117 - June 27

I just got to see the heartbeat yesterday on the u/s, too. What a relief! Glad to hear your good news, RMC!


Seredetia - June 27

Hi ladies! Mind if I join you? My other thread went dead. :( I'm due Feb 16 so I'm right in line with everyone here! (YEAH!) I've only had a bit of morning sickness, but it's mostly nausea and no vomiting. I do have strange cravings, though...two nights ago I was munching on a banana dipped in peanut b___ter and slathered with honey. ;) And I can't get enough of potatoes and ketchup -- even baked potatoes NEED ketchup. lol. This is my first so I'm terribly nervous, but excited! I can feel my uterus bubbling up and it's visible. It's tilted forward a bit, so I'm guessing that's why I can feel a definite bump! I can't wait to meet the little guy/girl.


Dee - June 27

Hello, I am 6 weeks 3 days with my 1st. Was pregnant before (about 21/2 years ago) but m/c at 8 weeks with twins. Don't have any morning sickness, but do have really sore nipples/b___bs. Bloated and tired. Will be going for my first prenatal appointment at 8 weeks. Had blood work done at 4 weeks 2 days which came back with HCG level of 235. I have a pushing feeling in my lower abdomen. But otherwise feel great.


RMC - June 27

Lol ... wow, potatoes & ketchup? Sounds yummy, Seredetia.Thanks Suzy0117, I'm relieved too. Glad to know we both got to see healthy heartbeats yesterday!


Seredetia - June 28

I don't go back to the doctor until July 12th...he said we'd look at the heartbeat then. I'm so impatient. :( I want to see it NOW! hehe. I know they'd be able to see it by now...I'm 6w6d.


RMC - June 28

Yeah, they'd definitely see it by now. Waiting is hard.


Seredetia - June 28

okay, so today I've had NO cramping and no appet_te...I'm so worried. :( the other day all that I wanted was for it to go away...now I'm all afraid because it DID go away. Anyone have vanishing symptoms yet? I still have nausea and sore bbs, but no cramping.


MaryRoco - June 29

Hey! I'm due for a Valentine's baby and thought I'd join your thread. Congrats by the way! My second office visit is July 17th as well! I went to my first visit at 5 and a half weeks and the doctor didn't even try to listen for a heartbeat. She said they listen for one around 10 weeks, so by my next appointment I hope to hear it! This is my first pregnancy.


RMC - June 29

Congrats MaryRoco. Seredetia, I wouldn't worry. The only symptoms that I have had at all are sore bbs and exhaustion. No cramping is a good sign.


dedaa - July 1

Hello ladies, my nausea seems to be lightening up a little thank goodness. My 7 month old though has been keeping me busy.He always wants to be in my arms does not want anyone else. This should be fun now when the next one comes.


RMC - July 1

I'm glad your nausea is letting up. Thankfully I haven't had any yet. How is everything else going?


dedaa - July 1

Things are going pretty well besides the nausea I can actually sleep at night again and alot then I have to go for a couple hours of sleep in the afternoon too. I feel as if i am showing a bit already though I feel gross about that. Are you showing yet? How is everything going on your end?


RMC - July 3

You know, I do feel as if I'm showing already, but I think it may be all in my head ... lol ... I'm just so anxious! I'm still not getting a lot of sleep as most of my time is spent going to the bathroom all night. I wish I could get some naps in, but with 3 other kids running around it's almost impossible!


dedaa - July 4

RMC- That is soooo true about not getting naps, it is not easy. I just started trying to find things that tire out my oldest is much as possible so I can squeeze in a nap.With my youngest I got it made he still sleeps like a newborn. He is an amazing child! Hope that the next one will be so easy.LOL My nausea is going away now. Im chugging back ginger ale all the time now. I have not gained any weight yet though so I must be just bloated like crazy.


RMC - July 4

I wish I could get just one of mine to go to bed willingly .. lol. It's a fight everynight. You're lucky to have one who still likes sleep (:



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