Due Feb 18 Or 19th Want To Wait

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RMC - July 16

Hi Dee, welcome! Well, I'm 9 weeks today as well, going for my second appointment tomorrow. I got my pap and bloodwork done at 5 wks, 1 day, so I was lucky to get in so early. I have seen the heartbeat on an ultrasound already, but I am anxious to hear it. I really hope they try it tomorrow, but I know they do usually try it later.


JenD - July 17

Hi Dee, I am also due, Feb 18th! I have also had two "boring" dr. appts. 1 with the nurse for all of the family history questions and a very brief pelvic exam with the dr. (I had just had a pap in April). My first ultrasound is tomorrow so I'm really excited - like you I can't wait to hear the heartbeat!!


kristlynn80 - July 17

Hi..I am not due till March...but just wanted to tell you I was born on Feb. 19th...and I am great!! :) Good Luck and Best wishes to all of you!!!


RMC - July 17

Well, I just came from the doctor. They didn't even try to hear for the heartbeat ): and my due date was changed to the twentieth now.


dedaa - July 17

I hate when the doctors change you due date it drives me crazy they did that a few times to me with my last one.l go to the doctors on wedensday hopefully the doctor will try to hear for the heartbeat but Im not going to get my hopes up. I finally got to go camping first time in 2 years last summer I was around 6 months pregnant so to big to camping in a tent.LOL It was so nice both the boys loved it my little one slept sooo good it was amazing. Now that I do not take my prenatal vitamins I have been feeling great. Im lovin it! How is everyone elase feeling?


shannon5980 - July 18

Hello everyone, I had my doctors appointment yesterday. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant. They tried to hear the heartbeat with the doppler and we did here it for just a split second and then my baby went into hiding so the doctor said "lets cheat" and brought in the ultra sound machine so i got to see my little one jumping around inside of me. It was great he even printed me out 3 pictures.


RMC - July 18

Yeah, it sucks that they changed my date, but it will still be earlier than that anyway since I will have my csection 7 to 10 days before my due date anyway (: I didn't get to hear the heartbeat, but they said next time we will, so I just gotta stick it out until August 14 now.


kades_momma - July 18

Hey girls I opened another post so I could have some people to talk to, RMC has also joined!! http://www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-10_WEEKS_AND_COUNTING__PLZ_JOIN_/


dedaa - July 19

I got to hear the baby`s heartbeat today for the first time feels a little more real now, I am losing weight too. I have lost about 6 pounds already I do not know why im losing now and not when I was actually trying to lose my baby wieght from my last one.LOL



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