Due In February

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d16mond - July 4

Hey, everyone would love to hear from other people due in February. Im due on the 2nd. Very exciting.


RMC - July 4

Hey D16mond. I'm due Feb 19th. How is it going for you so far?


d16mond - July 5

Hi RMC Everything is ok, I think. I did have a threatened miscarrage last week, but bed rest seems to have helped a lot. I have a scan (just to make sure everything is ok) on Monday next week. Im very optimistic about the whole thing. How have you been?


oregano - July 5

Hello, I am due on February 3rd. Just wanted to say hi. Sorry for the problem you experienced d16mond. Hope everything goes well after this. Everything seems to be going well with me as well. I had brown spotting for last two weeks (started after s_x) but it stopped now. Looking forward to next visit on Tuesday. take care ladies


RMC - July 5

I have had brown spotting for 3 wks, that just started letting up today. My only symptoms now are extreme exhaustion and sore bbs. Other than that, all is well. I hope everything goes well on Monday.


d16mond - July 6

Hi oregano & RMC, Hope you both have had a great week so far.. Seems like brown spotting is quite common in pregnancies, with both my daughters in first trimester I bleed. But that didn't stop me from being upset and scared. As well as I have had 3 m/c. But Im very greatful for what I already have. This time When I started bleeding was quite different. It was almost like my waters broke, there was clearish fluid. Then when I got to the toilet I was bleeding as well and it was dark red, I just burst into tears really thought this was it, I thought I was having a m/c. I had been in quite severe pain for two days then. I went straight to A&E and the doctor did an internal, and urine sample. My cervix was closed, so I was sent home for bed rest. I still feel pregnant, sore b___st, that seem to get bigger, and my stomach is definitely bigger, I'm usually a size 6. But my clothes are getting tight. Still going toilet through the night frequently and other signs that seem to show everything is ok. With my m/c's I found the next day after each of them all of my pregnancy symptoms dissapeared literally over night. But I guess I wont know for sure till Monday. You guys take care, and keep smiling :-)


greeneyedgemini616 - July 6

I am due on Feb 12th right before V-Day. I am have horrid m/s and I have been put on meds to help it becuase it got so bad. I am just really tired and the u/s showed that the baby measures 12 weeks and I am 8 weeks. So this will be a big baby. This is also my first.


micfromMI - July 6

Hello ladies -- well my pregancy was doctor comfirmed this a.m. - still very much in shock. This is unplanned so a bit nerve-wracking.... My doc thinks I am due around Feb 21st - heading to the OB on Tuesday for a better confirmation. They estimated me at 6 weeks 4 days.... yikes... to think of what I have been doing those past 6 weeks, hope everything goes well.... (nothing to crazy - just a couple gla__ses of wine over the first couple weeks ... ever since I knew I was late, I totally stopped). Congrats to you all and I'm looking forward to having some new friends to help me through this amazing and scary journey.


RMC - July 6

d16mond, I hope everything goes ok. Keep us updated on how it goes at the doctor.


d16mond - July 7

Thanks heaps RMC. How are you? Hope your algood. Keep smiling and take care.


RMC - July 7

I'm doing pretty good. No m/s still, but I have horrible nausea whenever I eat pizza, and that seems to be my favorite food right now (: I'm still really tired, but thank goodness it's the weekend & I can sleep in now.


oregano - July 10

hello, D16mond: how did the doctors appointment go? I hope everything wet well. let us know. Mine is tomorrow and i am anxious. take care ladies


luvmydogs - July 10

Hi ladies! Hope you don't mind if I join you. I am due on Valentine's Day! So, I am currently 8 weeks 5 days. I was posting on another thread for a while, but it's been eerily quiet there now! I just want to talk and share stories with other women that are going through the same changes that I am! I have the sore bbs, m/s that comes in waves, pee a lot, exhaustion and constipation. My OB just switched me to a new vitamin that helps for constipation. Have any of you had any recent ultrasounds or got to hear the heartbeat? I had an ultrasound at 6weeks b/c of threatened miscarriage. I got to see the heartbeat. Then, a couple days ago I had my first pre-natal check-up and she was able to find the heartbeat THIS early!! I was shocked! It was SO fast and the best sound I've ever heard...I cried! Hope everyone is doing well! Take care!


micfromMI - July 10

Hi everyone, I head to the OB tomorrow for my first official visit. I spent the weekend sharing the news with my family - my mom is super excited (as is nearly everyone else in my family). The baby's father is currently in shock.... but I know that is to be expected. This is quite unplanned but nonetheless quite wonderful too. Does anyone know if they will do an ultrasound for me tomorrow - I think I will be 7 weeks 2 or 3 days tomorrow. I'm excited.... and looking forward to know you all better.


luvmydogs - July 12

MicfromMI--How did your OB appt go the other day? Talk soon!


RMC - July 12

Micfrommi- I have seen on the boards that several doctor's routinely do an ultrasound to verify the due date. But there are also some who don't do them unless they think something is wrong, which is how it worked in my case. D16mond, are you still out there? How did it go at the doctor? luvmydogs - welcome & congrats!


micfromMI - July 12

Hi ladies, The appointment went well - they didn't do the ultrasound yet, I only meet with the OB nurse to go over history and questions - she was great! I left with tons of great materials and she really made me feel comfortable. My first U/S is Monday. Hopefully we can confirm the date then - I am sure it will be around Feb. 25th or so.... My Mom is rooting for Feb only because there are no Feb. bday's in our entire family. My primary care doctor thinks I'm 7.5 PG and the OB nurse estimated I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Either way, I'm "cooking" this baby for 40 weeks, whether I've counted them correctly or not. My Mom is going to join me on Monday as "Dad" lives in CA. We were a couple before he moved and obviously have done the on/off thing ever since. I will be heading to CA for work the first of August so even though we have talked everyday about things, we will really talk then. Luckily he is not mad - the only negative he has said is "I don't want to live in MI" - well if that is he big issue right now, I'm relieved. It's not like he said he can't be a father now etc... How is everyone else doing?



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