Due In July 08 Cant Wait

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shyrhy - November 29

hey my name is shyann i used to go on here b4 when i was pregnant over a year ago but i ended up getting an abortion. because i was only 14 at the time, im 16 now.well i am pregnant again. i am 6 weeks and i am keeping the baby. im very excited.... what types of things should i expect?


AMBER81 - November 30

your whole body is going to change to suit your child .its an amazing thing when you go to your first ultrasound . your sense of smell will increase you might get turned off some the foods you normaly eat sore b___bs for a while through the first trimester or you might be lucky and not have to deal with all that .well i reckon the 1st and 2nd trimesters are not that bad when carry the little bundle i believe its the last three months when the baby starts putting weight which is agood thing for him /her .i wish you the best with your baby and yourself .every thing is worth it in the end when your holding the little bundle in yours arms .good luck


nola-gal - November 30

the number one thing you're going to need is support from your partner and your family. i'm a teacher and had lots of teen moms in my cla__ses. it's really hard being a teenager as it is, and having a baby on topp of all that is tough. make sure you surround yourself with positive, supportive people. and take the advice of people who have been there before. and do everything you can to stay healthy, even if it's not what you're friends are doing. ask questions, take it easy, and take care of yourself! best of luck!


shyrhy - November 30

thanks much. my family is more supportive then i thought but then again i expected worse because i am young but they were really understanding and im so happy for that. i go to the doc on dec 11th for my 1st visit n im scared but not to much, n my boyfriend plans on going to all the appointments and he is excited. so i think everything is undercontrol for the most part


nola-gal - December 1

that's great! the only other thing i want to tell you is to not drop out of school and graduate. then go to some kind of college or tech school. it's the best thing for your baby and family to be able to get the best job you can. one of my best friends in hight school got pregnant at 16. she had a great family and was able to finish school. her daughter was born in 1995. now my friend is a nurse and doing great. she has a great job and can support herself. i'm really proud of her. again, best wishes and good luck!


shyrhy - December 2

yea i am going to stay in school it was never a thought to drop out because i like my school alot i go to a really small school, well its a middle school and high school but we never see the younger kids. and there have been pregnant girls there b4 and they have alot of extra help to offer us. I want my baby to have the best it can, it will be hard but in the end it will be so worth it to watch my little baby grow up good.



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