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Mom-2-be-again - January 27

Hello everyone! I'm pregnant again and due on September 28th!! We have a 10 month old son and we are very excited to be pregnant again. I used this chat when I was pregnant the first time and it was great to meet people going through the same experinces at the same time with me. We has a m/c with our very first pregnancy at 12 weeks, and it was very sad. Then three months later we got pregnant again and everything went very well and we now have a handson little boy. We decided to start trying again in January because we thought we might have trouble getting pregnant again due to a difficult delivery and incase we have another m/c, we thought we should start and we never thought we would get pregnant the first month. Anyways, I love to chat with other people who are due around the same time.


hapistuff - January 27

Hello Mom-2-be-again, my name is Rebecca. I am due 9/29. This will be my first baby. Dh and I have been trying for over a year, but 6 moths we have been working with a fertility dr. We became pg on our 3rd month of clomid and Hcg trigger shot. What, if any, symptoms are you having right now? Is this pregnancy similar to your last?


tk07 - January 27

hi! i am due 9/25, it is my first and i m/c last april with my first. so i am very nervous right now! i was on clomid and it was also my 3rd month, no shot though. so far i have been having some slight cramps, b___st tenderness(that sort of is worse somedays than others) a tiny bit of naseau and little sharp pains here and there, not daily. what about you guys??? i get so nervous and always want to know what is normal!


mrs.raymond - January 27

i am due around sept 25th i dont know for sure because my husband is in the military and they wont let me see a dcotor until i am in my 12th to 16th week so i am really nervous! this is my second pregnancy but for some reason i cant stop worrying this time..my symptoms are normal i think ; ) i am super emotional, i feel dizzy and naseaus all the time and really bad headaches..i have heard the more symptoms the better so i am pretty sure i am doing good ; )


frozenfeet - January 27

Hi ladies - My name is Sarah and I'm due on the 27th. This is my first and dh and I have been ttc for 3 months. Not having a ton of symptoms yet, sore bbs, hungry all the time, some pulling and tugging in the lower belly and waves of a nausea! Hope you all are doing well and I'm so excited to be here!!!


preggoplease - January 27

Hi I am Due 10/1 so I am right behind you ladies! This will be my second. I have a daughter, Jayde, she is going to be 2 in March. Me and DF tried for 4 months this time. I'm very excited and would like to go through this with you all.


gaudior - January 27

Hello, I'm due September 25th. I'm hoping this one sticks because we've already lost two in twelve months. I'm on progesterone this time, which makes me very tired (even before the bfp.) My nausea isn't as bad as the other times.. so far, in fact, I'm getting to the point where I'm hungry every two hours. I get some back, hip and head aches that come and go quickly. I'm pretty emotional... crying while watching the Dog Whisperer? but mostly I'm just trying to enjoy every day and not worry this time, even though I keep spotting off and on.


pianojazzgirl - January 27

Hi! I'm due on Sept 26. I already have one 2 yr old dd and last year I had 2 m/c's. Hoping for a sticky bean!


angelinakai - January 27

Hi Ladies. I'm glad you started this thread. I am due Sept 21. I, too, have had 2 mc's in 12 months, so this one is our first healthy one. So far everything is going very well... and I'm sooo thankful about that. I have nausea, extreme hunger, very sore bbs, and just the usual stuff. Congrats to all of you girls!


erinsoul - January 27

HI, I have the same situation. I'm due mid to late Sept and my son is 11 months old. How do you feel about them being so close together? I'm a little worried about how difficult it might be to give my son the attention he needs with the needs of a new baby.


Mom-2-be-again - January 27

Hey! I can't believe how many of us have had m/c's. When you have one you seem like you are the only person in the world who had a m/c but afterwards you find out that so many other woman have had then too. Anyways, let's not think about the bad stuff. I'm so excited about this baby. We told our families this weekend. I have my little guy wear a T-shirt that I made for him that said "I'm a big brother in September". It's funny how long it took some parents to finally read it! I'm really excited about having them close together! I think they will be great playmates and hopefully best friends. And plus, this way you get all the diaper, blottle and wake up's in the middle of the night over with sooner! I'm sure some people think we are crazy having kids only 1 1/2 apart, but for us, it feels right. Where is everyone from? I live in Canada. Great to talk to everyone!


tk07 - January 28

hi! i know, i try not to think of the bad, it is so hard though! we have only told my mom and younger brother and are waiting until my first appt on feb 6th to tell my other brothers and a couple friends. but other than that we are waiting until the 12 weeks! that was a cute way to tell family mom-2-be-again! we want to do something like that for my dad and dh's parents! it is crazy how many have had m/c! hopefully we all got them out of the way and are going to have sticky little healthy babies now!


tk07 - January 28

oh, i live in michigan!


hapistuff - January 28

Hello Ladies, I would like to vent a little. First of all I feel ashamed. I now know how my bf felt after she told me she was pregnant about 4 months ago. I was excited for her but sad of myself and I just could not bring myself to ask a lot of questions and avoided her at times because I did not want to hear about it. Well, karma has bitten me :) Dh & I went to his families for a get together (the first time seeing the whole family since finding out we are pg.) Well his twin sister, who has a three year old, has been wanting another and her dh is not on board. She was acting cold toward me and she has expressed to the family how she is feeling, so the rest of the family did not ask many questions and acted uncomfortable if I shared anything. I was very disappointed. Oh well now I know how if feels – not good. If there is a next time I will be there for my loved ones!


mrs.raymond - January 28

hapistuff...i dont know what to say i would cry a lot if my family or my husbands didnt seem interested, if anything i have the oppisite feelings i have a 31/2 year old son who is not my husbands biological child but in every other way his father and has been since he was 1. his family has never really accepted that and now that we are having a baby its like "yay keith is going to be a dad" but i get kind of upset because....he already is a dad! anyways i wanted you to know families can be tough but and we all have them ; )


hapistuff - January 29

mrs.raymond – Some people (even family) can sometimes be insensitive. In my case they were trying to take care of there (by blood) sister/wife/daughter. They were there for her not me. My dh was not upset by it. I think because it is still too early for him to be that connected – though he is very happy we are pregnant. ***In your case I feel so sorry for you. The important thing is that you and dh know the truth – He is a father for the second time! You said your dh is in the military. Where are you based?


mrs.raymond - January 29

ft lewis washington ; ) which is nice because both of our families live here..i couldnt imagine him leaving while i was pregnant and not having my mom near..she is like my life support ; )



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