Due In Late September

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mrs.raymond - January 29

ft lewis washington ; ) which is nice because both of our families live here..i couldnt imagine him leaving while i was pregnant and not having my mom near..she is like my life support ; )


hapistuff - January 29

mrs.raymond - That's great! Have you told your mom yet?


seven1002 - January 29

Hi everyone...well, I don't know exactly when I am due, I think Sept 22. I went to the dr last week for my first ultrasound. they said I was to have it so they could tell me my exact due date. Well, they found a sac, but nothing else. The dr said that it was either too early to see something, or I have a condition called blighted ovum, which basically is a failed pregnancy. I have been distraught ever since. The dr said she was concerned because my HCG level was at 14,000 and with it being that high we should definately see soomething, she also said that I should be a little alarmed by this. The dr called me a few days later to say that they had found a fetal pole, and I needed to come in next week for another ultrasound. I don't go back until Thursday and am absolutely beside myself with worry. I have am naseaus all day, my body is sore, my b___bs hurt so bad, I have been needing to eat every 2 hours. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? One of my girfriends did not see anything at her 6 week ultrasound and when she went in the next week, there was no heart beat. I am trying to keep an open mind, but have a bad feeling.


tk07 - January 30

hi! this was your 6 week appt? all i can say is try to relax (even though it is probably impossible, i would be going crazy too) at least you still have all the symptoms and it was too early, maybe you weren't as far along as you thought? good luck!


mrs.raymond - January 30

hapistuff- yeah i told her right away...we have been trying for almost a year for this baby and my husband and i decided to stop trying in november becaue it was so close to his departure date and what do you know thats when i get preggo ; ) so my mom is really excited because we all thought there wasnt going to be one...


TiffanyRae - January 30

Mrs.Raymond...my husband and I are also military! I can't believe you can't get an U/S until your second trimester! I am 14 weeks today andhave had three already! We are stationed on Oahu, Hawaii. I hope all is well for you and good luck to you all throughout your journey's!


hapistuff - January 31

TiffanyRae - where are you originally from? I've been to Hawaii several times on vacation. I love it. But I always thought it maybe a slow (paced) life in Hawaii. To slow for me. How long have you been there? Do you like it? ****mrs.raymond – Is your husband on leave now? ****seven1002 – I would hope that as long as you are having symptoms things look positive. Have you gotten any more information?


mrs.raymond - January 31

hapistuff** no he is not on leave infact he is getting ready to deploy for iraq so he is going to be gone until the baby is about 5months old ; ( hopefully they will let him come home when the baby is born but of course there are no guarantees..Tiffany rae** wow three u/s already is there any reson so many or is that normal?? if my dh gets at least a few weeks leave before they deploy (which they should next month) we are going to maui for a week his father lives there and wants to see us before he leaves..i have never been to hawaii any advice on what to bring while preggo??


beccami519 - January 31

im actually due september 30th so you can chat with me if you want!


socalmom - January 31

Hi ladies I'm due Sept.21 with baby number 2. My DH and I have a DD - Gina - she is 3. We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We are both so excited about this baby! I had a chemical back in Aug. so it looks like this one is sticking..... at least I hope it is really sticky!! I already know 2 of you girls on here...Hapi and Frozenfeet, but I would love to get to know you all!!


zerfowski05 - January 31

Just found out yesterday that I'm about 5 wks so that puts me at the end of September or beginning of oct. This is my first baby and I'm extremely nervous! I could have sworn i was going to start my period! My husband and i weren't actively trying I guess you could say but we're thrilled! I have some cramping and nausea and my b___sts are killing me. I feel like I'm bloated too. I mc in oct. of 05 so I'm a little nervous. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


heather28 - January 31

mrs. raymond- I am right there with you. I am due Sept 24 and my husband is also in the military. I don't have my first appointment until the end of Feb. I am very worried, we have been trying for 1 year and 8 months give or take. This actually came as a complete shock. We had stopped "trying" we just weren't preventing it. I had to tell my husband on the phone b/c he left for Iraq about 1 week before I found out. You are lucky to have family around. It's just me and my daughter who's 10 going on 20. :) Good luck to you and everyone else.


angelinakai - February 1

Hey girls! I hope everyone is doing well. I went for my first ultrasound today and we heard the heartbeat!! we got to see it too. That was a first for us and we are really excited. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. I hope that all of you are having healthy happy pregnancies as well :0)






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