Due In September Had My First Ultrasound On Thursday

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tish - March 7

i was really excited to have my first ultrasound last thursday. it went amazing. i am 11w 2d. the baby has arms, legs and fingers. it was wiggling around and streching out just perfectly so that i could see everything. it was soooooooo wonderful. it took a huge weight off of my mind. after 2 m/c, it is good to know that everything is going well. also the doctor told me that my hormones are at a very healthy level. they took blood fromme 4 times to make sure. i am sooooo happy and very excited. in just a couple of days i will be heading into my second tri, i think that is right, 12 weeks? anyhoo, i just thought i would share. i am due september 21 and i will find out the s_x on april 12. woo woo. it just feels a little funny to have the baby soooo developed and i have barely a bump at all. i am still in my regular pants and i only have to unbutton them when i sit down. and in the morning my tummy is almost flat, but towards the evening it pokes out a little more, from bloating and eating all day and such i am sure. it seems like i should have more than that. anyone else feel the same way?


Peachtree - March 7

Hi Tish! That's great that your u/s went so well. I feel the exact same way as you do. How can there be something in there that has arms and legs, and I don't really even have a bump?! My pants are tight by the end of the day, but in the morning my tummy is still flat. I guess we'll be showing soon enough!


tish - March 7

yah, i just thought it would be sooner, especially since this is #2 for me. but i will just have to be patient.


Cheryl Engelbrecht - March 8

Hi Tish, i feel the exact same as you when i went for my gynae app. saw the legs and arms moving! Can't wait to find out what the s_x is of the baby and too feel it move? When would we be feeling the baby move? I have lost most of my m/s and couldn't be more pleased yet i find that my b___sts aren't growing much bigger maybe just a little fuller thats all, is that normal?


tk07 - March 8

how exciting! i am going next week for my 12 week appt and i can't wait! i want to see my baby wiggle around! when i see everything is ok at 12 weeks it will make me feel so much better after m/c last year. but i am still paranoid and i am waiting until 16 weeks to tell work! i don't have any bump yet :( i am just always bloated. have you guys gained any weight yet?


Cheryl Engelbrecht - March 8

Thats great tish, i am having my twelve week and half week scan next week friday yet the gynae said i will only be due on the 25 Sep. how can that be cause when i work it out i think i will be overdue! Anyway what he says goes! Very confused about when bay is due!


moescrilla - March 8

I'm due sept. 6thor 7th, but having an c-section august 28th. I had an ultrasound yesterday (13 wks 7 days, I'm fourteen today) and saw the baby. Didnt get to see what I was having though, still a little too small to see. I'm going to have the big ultrasound probably around april 19th when I'm 20 weeks to determine s_x. I think your 2nd tri starts between 13-14 weeks. Allot of books say 14, but some say 13, and I personally think its actually in between weeks 13 and 14. Good luck and best wishes to you!


tish - March 8

cheryl- with my daughter, i felt her move at about 4 months. tk07- i was in maternity clothes by 15 weekswith my daughter, but i gained a lot a lot a lot of weight with her really fast. i gained 70lbs total. this time i have lost about 6lbs and have now gained 4 back. cheryl- i had figured that i would be due about september 25, but my doctor told me september 21. i concieved on new years day, so if that is any help.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 8

Thats exciting to hear, always good to hear stories about moms seeing their babies...hope all goes well and yeah I think t he second tri. is 13 or 14 weeks.


Cheryl Engelbrecht - March 9

Hi Nerdy_Girl, how do i work out when i concieved?


tish - March 9

cheryl- go to this site and use the calculator. it goes by you last period just like the doctors office does with that little wheel thingy they use. it may not be 100% on the nose, but unless you chart, there is really no way to tell 100% what day you concieved. askdramy.com



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