Due Jan 15 Anyone Else Have These Symptoms

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Nicole - June 14

Hello! I didn't have any m/s, but I feel bloated and my br___ts are so tender. I also feel very tired. I have already outgrown most of my pants/shorts already. Anyone else?


COC - June 14

Hi. I'm due on 21st Jan. Feel nausious all the time, bloated, tired, etc. Still wearing my own clothes though thank god.


Carrie - June 14

I am due Jan. 13th. I have nausea and my b___sts are extremely tender and enlarged. I'm not as tired since I've been on prenatal vitamins. Yeah most of my pants and shorts also are too tight. They'll b___ton but are just too uncomfortable to wear.


moe - June 14

hi January expecting moms, I am also due in January they told me January 10 and thats my b-day, but I my jeans and stuff are also already getting uncomfortable, this so sucks we can't really fit into maternity clothes and we can't fit into our normal clothes, I di not like this stage. I have been feeling sick, tired too! Good-luck and if any of u girls want to e-mail me and we can keep eachother posted on our pregnancies that would be great!! I would love to know that we can through this together!! so let me know my e-mail address is [email protected], e-mail me !!


Belle - June 14

Hi guys, I'm a first time mom-to-be, and due Jan. 16, also my b day. I thought it would be silly to start buying maternity pants, but out of desperation one day (cannot fit into ANYTHING anymore) I went looking, and lo and behold, I found something I can actually wear even though my tummy isn't really sticking out, its just looking fat. Anyway, my point is, we can find some really creative clothes out there that we can wear now and will grow with us. Just have to look hard I guess. Good luck! P.S.: Is anyone still wearing high heels? cause I am...is that wrong?


Shea - June 15

Hi. I'm due January 12th and am tired, sick and have tender b___sts too. My clothes are also starting to get too uncomfortable to wear, but haven't told work, so can show up in maternity clothes! I am still wearing high heels and plan to continue...I wear them every day, so am more comfortable in them than anything.



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