Due March 2006 When Did You Know You Were Pregnant

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A - August 2

Ok March Momma's... Tell me the day you think you concieved, the day you got a positive and the day you are due.... I had my period May 27th, had unprotected s_x. June 4th, 10th, 13th and got a positive June 19th and they said I ovulated on the 10th so I was only 9 dpo when I found out...


A - August 2

Oh and to my calculations I'm due March 3rd..


sue - August 2

Hey I'm March 3rd too! lets see I think my period started may 25th, we had some "fun dances" june 9th and 11th so I think we nailed it then. As far as knowing, well I never thought I could get Pg, so in early July when I started to get sick everyday, then not having AF show up I was suspicious, but I was too scared to take a test. Finally at the urging of DH, I took one July 16th....BFP, I was shocked. DIdn't really set in till the doc called us back mid week with blood results.


Cathy - August 2

my last lmp was 6/11. Found out on 7/16, due 3/28/06. I believe I conceived on 6/24


Laurie - August 2

My lmp was on 6/11/05, I found out on 7/16/05 and I am due 3/18/06. Yippee! I had my first Dr appt on the 29th and they don't do an U/S until the 20th week. I was a bit disapointed but she told me it was because you can't always see everything so clear because the baby is so small and it makes the mothers really concerned (as I've witnessed on this site). I will hear the heartbeat at my next exam on August 26th. I'm very excited!


Renea - August 2

Hi. I am due 3/20, last af was 6/13, conceived on 6/24, didn't find out was preggo until 7/27 (was 16 days late and was getting bfn's until finally got a bfp). This will be my 4th and final child as I have c-sections and have been advised to stop after this one. Anyone not feeling any nausea? I had nausea with my others, but very small bouts going on with this one-just like little waves of nausea.


Heather - August 3

I was very surprised I found out so early that I was pregnant! My last AF was July 6, 2005 we bd'd July 18, 19, 20 amd 21st - just in time for my ovulation. I started to get sick a good week before my missed period and I had a positive at home pregnancy test 5 full days before my missed period!! figure that one out!


Sherri - August 3

I was told that I am due on march 18th. Last period was June 10. Did not keep exact dates as to when my husband & I had s_x. Took home test July 24 & it was +. I go to the Dr. next Tuesday...


stacey - August 3

My last period was June 21st, we concieved on July 6th and are due March 28th!


A - August 3

Congradulations everyone! It's so exciting!


Kathy - August 3

Well we are still trying to figure it out but I am due March 27th, conceived on June 30.



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