Due March 3rd 2006 Anyone Else

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Amy - August 8

I havent been to the doctors but to my calculations Im due March 3rd 2006...Anyone else??


sue - August 8

yep acording to the dates of LMP and the conception our doc said the 3rd. after the u/s she said it might strech to the 6th


kl - August 8

i am also due march 3, 2006...went to the docs a week and a half ago and everything was confirmed.


autum - August 8

i'm due on the 3rd aswell. Good to knkow there are others to compare notes with. Here's the first question. This is my third pregnancy but second baby. I'm already showing to be almost 5 1/2 to 6 months. So for there is no sign of twins i've had two ultrasounds. I'm a very thin women. Anybody else in the same boat


kl - August 9

i started showing 2 weeks ago...this is my second baby...people are a__suming i am about 4 months along but i started showing early with baby #1...she was a big baby 9lbs 10 oz...so i expected to show early...i have heard that you always show faster with the second


rlk - August 10

I am due on March 9th. Go back to the dr on the 26th cant wait! On you first when do you think we should start showing. I am normally 160 pounds and about 5'8. Also did you gals hear the heartbeat? what was it? Mine was 160 and 170 per min. Just want to compare with others if mine is slow or fast. this was at 8 weeks.


Amy - August 10

I havent heard anything yet I havent been to the doctors, but my period was May 27th and I had sec June 10th so Im pretty sure this is my date.... Congrats Everyone!!!!


kl - August 10

Amy - those are my exact dates and I have been to the docs...i hope you get to go soon...Good luck and Congrats!


A - August 11

WOW that is so wierd are babies will have the same birthday and they were concieved on the same day wierd huh? We should keep in touch


shannon - August 11

I am due March 5. this will be #4


kl - August 12

A - that is wierd...please let me know how things are going along the way



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