Due Mid December

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TCM - April 24

I am due mid December. Very excited but feeling very tired and "squirgly". Anyone else?


fernanda - April 24

HI TCM - I am due dec 7th. I am more nauseous than tired at the moment though!!! How many weeks are you? I am 7weeks and 4 days.


TCM - April 24

Have not had a dating scan yet but am about 6 weeks ... a little nauseous in the middle of the day most days. I start worrying when I have a day when I feel fine - will be anxious until I have a scan I think.


Kim - April 24

I am due December 5th and feeling pretty much okay =) I get a little tired earlier than i used to and a little squeemish in the morning when my stomach is empty but thats about it. I also had some cramps over the past few weeks, but they seem to be subsiding. I am really excited and this is my first, what about you guys ? (girls) =)


TCM - April 24

My first too and very excited. Looking forward to it all ...


Sandra - April 24

I'm do Dec 14, am 6 weeks 4 days. I'm nauseous all the time and really really tired, can sleep for 12 hours straight and will still be tired when I wake up. Also have to have some toast before I get out of bed otherwise I have to run to the bathroom. Bbs are already one size up and very tender, nipples very sore too. Wish I was one of those ppl who get no all day sickness...


Gina - April 25

I am due December 27th according to period dates. No sickness yet. Too early. I found out too early. Tested faint positive last Monday at the doc office. My bbs have been slightly sore since one week after conception. But have not gotten any worse. The right one is much worse than left. Anyone else have this. I hope the morning sickness stays away as long as possible. Did anyone just enjoy food more in the beginning? Not crave but just enjoy.


Chris - April 25

Gina- I'm due 12/2. I did "enjoy" food more too. Still do! LOL - I've heard your taste buds highten during pregnancy much like smelling things do. So food just tastes better. It's dangerous. LOL But the smell thing isn't too good... I don't like smelling everything... it makes me more sick.


Jen - April 25

I think I'm due December 7th. I haven't been to the doctor yet -- my appointment is next week. I am tired an nauseous all of the time right now.



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