Due Nov 7 And Having Bad Cramps

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Cheryl - February 24

I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm having bad cramps. If feels the menstrual cramps but non-stop. I phoned the clinic and they told me that it is normal to have cramps. Anyone else having cramps and if so when do they stop?


Kelly - February 25

I had menstrual-like cramping at 4 weeks and even awoke one night to cramping so bad my husband was dressed and ready to take me to the ER - after about 7 or 8 minutes it went away. My cramps have just in the past couple days improved - I'll be 6 weeks Monday. Of course, I haven't had a drs visit yet to see if everything's OK - but as long as you're not bleeding it's a good sign. I'll say a prayer for your baby!!


ekay - February 25

I had cramps the whole week of implantation, 4weeks. I thought for sure I was going to start my period, but I didn't and I am now 10 weeks and happy as a clam! Good Luck


Kristina - February 26

Hi Cheryl, I had really bad cramps the first week I was pregnant, thought I would be getting my cycle, turns out that is usually when the baby is implating, you might experience a bit of spotting as well, very normal


s - February 27

I'm 8 weeks and have had bad cramps since i found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. It's all very normal as I had a scan at 7 weeks and the doc said everything looked ok.


Angie Brown - February 27

period like cramps are pretty common.


V. H. - March 1

Hi, I had cramping that felt weird like period cramps almost the entire first eight weeks. They were worse around the time that I would have normally had my period. I was stressed out about this since I had miscarried in my previous pregnancy. I have to say though, When I miscarried the cramping I felt was very different. It lasted for a few hours and was very sharp, and then it happened. Period pains can also be strong, but it's more off and on feeling. That was my experience anyway. My cramping with this pregnancy went away around nine weeks. I am now in week twelve. Good luck to all of you!


Mika - April 10

I'm due Nov.8 and have terrible cramps and they sometimes wake me up at night ,my Doctor says this is normal


Wendy - April 10

I also had bad cramping in early pregnancy.. the DR advised was normal.. However not wanting to scare you... I again had cramping and then found out had a mismisscarriage and had to have a D & C on thursday.. I believed I was 12 weeks but baby died at about 7... again you are probably fine, however NEVER take cramping as normal and if you have to demand any tests.. I asked for tests and a proper check and DR said no cause this was normal & everything was fine.. Well obviously it wasn't fine.. Good luck and sorry to scare you but I find people try to sugar coat things to much....



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