Due Sept 24 Wanna Be Buddies

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llukenjess - February 8

I didn't know people had due date buddies...anyone want to be mine??


Jill.T. - February 8

We could, I'm just not on all that often


Tasha - February 8

I could too, if you don't mind, Im due 4 days later...


everthiki - February 9

I'm due on Sept. 26th. I'd love to chat....How is the morning sickness going?


Tasha - February 9

None for me yet, a couple times I ve felt like I was hung over..that sort of thing, but not really sick at all, not like my first baby, although Im not working the same hours with this one, maybe getting up at 7 with my first wasn't good, now I dont get up until 8 or 9 maybe Im sleeping through it. Actually I find at night is when I dont feel the greatest, which is great cause then I just go to bed! Other than that I have no other symptoms...my first ultra sound isn't for another week...I hate this waiting!


anjie702 - February 9

Im due Sept 5th lol im probably due before most of u guys.Well I would like a due date buddy if u dont mind me being a couple weeks ahead of what u are due.


caseyann - February 9

Hi Girls! I'm due on September 25th. We had our first ultrasound last Thursday and saw the baby and saw and heathe heartbeat. It was amazing, a strong heartbeat too, it was 136. We had several miscarriages in the past so they did a ultrasound kind of early. As far as symptoms my nausea kicked in a bit at 6 weeks, its on and off, but I have days (like yesterday lol) where I am sick all day, and some where I feel great. Other then that the regular peeing all the time, sore bb's and very emotional. Were very excited!! Love to hear how everyones pregnancy is going :)


Jill.T. - February 10

Hey ladies, I'm due Sep. 29 and have all day morning sickness that also kicked in at 6weeks. Had my first ultrasound on thursday and the doc found 2 sacks, possibly 3, but only one heartbeat. He didn't seem too concerned, he said his machine was c___ppy, so I go to the hospital on the 26th. I praying there's at least two. I would love to have twins. Good luck everyone


llukenjess - February 11

My morning sickness isn't that bad i get queezy, and it doens't really happen in the morning. More like in the afternoon...or when my stomach is empty. And sometimes i'll just be sitting there and get this BAD taste in my mouth and just start gagging!! I did'nt have my ultra sound yet i will have it within the next week waiting for my insurance to kick it...I'm 8 weeks today! (2/11)


alirenee86 - February 11

Jill T, I'm due Sept 30th...we're a day apart!!


Bumblebee - February 12

Hi all - I thought I was due Oct 28, and turns out I got the month wrong! I am due Sep 28.. So, would love to join in this group of Sep dues... yea! My first u/s is tom. We're so excited, and nervous. I keep visualizing everything going well with a good heartbeat. Last Aug, my 1st preg, there was no hb at 7 weeks, and I went on to a natural m/c a few weeks after that. So, this is the big day for us. We're praying every day for a beautiful miracle.


llukenjess - February 13

OOH bumble bee that's so exciting...let us know how everything goes today!!


Bumblebee - February 14

Hi all - Posted this on another also. So much happens in one day!!! """ Got bad news from yesterday's u/s and blood test at 7 weeks. Only see the sac and yolk sac, and hcg dropped to 46,000 from 57,000 w/in a week. Been crying and crying and slowly coming out of the haze of this sudden b__w. So angry, and sad and all crazy thoughts all at once. I will wait it out a couple weeks before I decide on d&c or anything... unless my doc suggests d&c for any testing... since this is my 2nd mc. I don't know. And it is downcast and raining like mad today - to emphasize the mood fo the moment. Thanks for listening and your support. I am dreading the pain of the m/c but that is nothing in comparison of the loss. """


llukenjess - February 14

Oh no i'm so sorry we are all here to support you and wish you the best of luck!! you're in my prayers! I guess this is god way of saying it wasn't right....it will be next time!!


momtotwo - February 15

I am due on 22 September I could be.


llukenjess - February 15

Oh momtotwo that sounds good..... Ok ladies on monday i'll be nine weeks and today for some reason i have having this pulsing mild pain in my lower abdomen towards the left side, right above my pubic bone and it's kinda of making me nervous! no blood....it's like a quick stabbing pain...


caseyann - February 16

Hey llukenjess! I had the same pain from early on, I still get it now on and off. I asked my doc about it and when they did the ultrasound on me a week and a half ago they verified it is a cyst. It is extremely common and should not interfere with pregnancy at all. You usually get them on the side you ovulated from. I was really scared when I first got mine, I expected the worst, but it was all okay. Part of it might be your ligaments stretching also, I am defiently noticing that too! Good luck to everyone!!



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