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SaraSki - January 18

I am in the process of interviewing Dulas. Have any of you ladies used one before? Since this is our first, I want a support team! Any advice? Any stories?


boodahbaby - January 19

I thought about one, but then realized that my mom and dad have both been a part of 6 home births (2 were my bro and I) that were completely unasisted without midwives. They have been good support teams for these deliveries and i really think my mom will be a great person to have concentrating for me and my dad if he wants to also! I thought about doing a home birth, but my husband and I have been ttc for 4 years and now when we get down to it, we realize that we just dont want to worry about being at home without "doctors"! I think if I go into the whole thing with the right head and plan and people to help make me stick to that plan we will be OK! My mom and I are really close and she would be there anyways, so we have talked about her being the ROCK! She is happy to! Good luck with the Dula. If you don't find one you like or that just doesn't go with your ideas then try to think of a friend or family member that has the ability to be a very positive influence and stay strong for your plan throughout! I'm sure that would be touching for anyone to be chosen or asked to do that part of your delivery! Good Luck! Let us know how it goes and what you decide!?!


beckyttc#3 - January 22

We had a doula for both of my daughters - she was amazing! She was full of great suggestions throughout the labour. In the first one she actually helped the baby turn, or else it would have been a c-section. In the 2nd, she helped me to stay drug free. I would definitely do my homework on picking one.... our choice was easy - we just hit it off instantly. Now that I am pregnant with our third, we are actually going to have a midwife (not home birth though... at the hospital). So, no doula this time, but I'd still highly recommend it! (we originally had one also b/c my husband was sure he would pa__s out and leave me with no help.... he did great in the end!)



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