Dull Abdominal Pain For Weeks

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Milly - November 18

Just wondering if this is normal. I have had dull abdominal pain for a couple of weeks now. It's very uncomfortable but not a stabbing pain. Just like pain I would feel before an unset of a period. Would this be my uterus growing? Is this normal? Will it ever go away. I have no sign of cramps or bleeding. I have seen the baby already and everything looks good. I am 12 weeks pregnant.


W - November 18

I too keep having them pains, there perfectly normal, just ur uterus growing, this is my first so i guess my body seems to be stretching, I was quite and active person always in the gym, so maybe we feel tighter than other's due to r muscles. Hope you will be ok x


Ruthie - November 26

Milly, please tell me, I have had no implantation bleeding. You said you had no signs of bleeding. Is this normal? I too have abdominal pains...well, they're not really pains, but like something is pressing


J - November 29

I have the same symtoms


Christine - November 29

No bleeding is always a good thing...not ever a bad thing during pregnancy...as for the pains...I'm almost positive every pregnant woman gets them at some point...I know I get them all the time on and off...its your uterus as well as ligaments and such stretching/growing...good luck


seleh - December 2

hi, Im 4 weeks 3 days prego and so happy. Ive been reading these boards and so many have bled during implantion. I havent and am curious which is more common. any input is appreciated.


Jennifer - December 2

My Pains Are GETTING closer and IT hurts... No bleeding. But do have a BAD infection SHould I go to the DOC just in case? IT hurts When they COME!


Amy - December 5

Hi MIlly, I have the exact same symptom! It scared me to death the first time I felt it, but I didn't have any cramping or bleeding, just a dull ache every once in a while. I asked my Mom and she said that it was completely normal, she had it with me (her first baby) and it's your body growing to accomodate your new baby =0). BTW I am seven weeks pregnant tomorrow and this just started yesterday.


Louise - December 6

I have what you have and iam 12 weeks. It comes and goes but when it comes its uncomfortable and annoying.


Liz - December 10

I've got the same, at the same time. It tends to be worse in the evening with me and the pain sets off my 'morning' sickness.


Heather - December 11

i have been also having cramping but it is very dull, i also spotted a little bit is this normal


Nikki - December 16

With my current pregancy and also my previous pregnancy I had these pains. I had a menstrual like pain beginning at four weeks both times, and also a pain low in my belly, where the uterus is at 8 weeks. My doctor told me that this was broad ligament pain, stretching to accomadate the growing uterus.



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